When will be Black Friday 2021 ?

You probably know, but it’s always good to repeat some things: Black Friday date is scheduled the day after Thanksgiving, the 4th Friday of November. Black Friday 2021 in Switzerland will take place this year on Friday, November 26, 2021. Save the date in your calendar now!

Black Friday 2021, a real shopping must in Switzerland

May be we are a small country, but we are real shopaholics! And it is not the many shops in the territory that will tell us otherwise! Stores such as Fnac or Zara, established internationally are part of our shopping habits! And Black Friday is an interesting deals day for any buyer who is a good deals fan! During a whole day, a multitude of products from all categories are offered at incredible prices! You can find everything there ! Fashion, electronics, beauty products, household appliances, furnishings, toys and many more! The past edition of Black Friday Switzerland was a huge success, and we understand why! What to predict a great Black Friday 2021!

When is Black Friday?

American tradition, Black Friday takes place the day after the famous Thanksgiving turkey. And if you’re a fan of the Friends series, you know that it takes place on the fourth Thursday in November. Every year, therefore, this day of shopping with dizzying promotions makes fans of good plans happy. Especially since it gives the “go” to end-of-year purchases. The perfect opportunity to spoil all your loved ones – including you of course – at a lower cost. November is definitely a shopping month! Before Black Friday, another day precedes it; Single’s Day. One more day for shopping enthusiasts and those in a hurry to shop!

Black Friday Dates

For this 2021 edition, Black Friday is set for November 26. And not to miss the next editions of Black Friday Switzerland, we also give you their dates:

  • Black Friday 2022 : Friday, November 25, 2022
  • Black Friday 2023 : Friday, November 24, 2023
  • Black Friday 2024 : Friday, November 29, 2024


What time does Black Friday 2021 start?

This is obviously the question that all bargain junkies ask themselves. And rightly so, like us, you obviously want to be at the forefront so that you can make your choice and take advantage of the vastness of the Black Friday offer. But let’s be honest: if we refer to the 2020 edition of Black Friday, this celebration of shopping begins much earlier. Some online stores start Black Friday at midnight the previous Thursday evening. As for the boutique shops, they start their Black Friday as soon as their doors open, around 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., depending on their habits. For the opening hours of the stores for the Swiss cantons, we recommend that you take a look at our article dedicated to them!

Indeed, some brands start the festivities during Black Friday Week. Promotions from the Monday before Black Friday can be seen, but you never know who will and who will not. To stay up to date with the latest news on the shopping event, subscribe to our newsletter! And then, let’s think back to Black Week last year, a crazy edition that had pleased many fans of the event!

How long is Black Friday 2021 for?

Like Cyber Monday and Single’s Day, Black Friday only lasts one day! It is for this reason that this shopping event should not be missed. Some Black Friday discounts and promotions may be revealed at midnight in online shops. So stay aware! For physical stores, of course, you’ll have to wait until the doors open in the early hours.

Black Friday 2021, a new edition full of promise

When we know that Black Friday is gaining popularity from year to year, we can only rejoice in the future editions that we will have in the years of the famous 2020 decade that we are going through! Black Friday 2021 promises to be another good year, according to them! We predict that Black Friday will be even more insane for the whole decade of 2020, by the way! With the new shops that set up shop in Switzerland every year, we can only expect a larger number of participants, both at the level of consumers and traders! And of course, as online commerce grows, we can only imagine a larger number of participants also on the side of online commerce!

Der Black Friday in der Schweiz

Shopping that combines feminine and masculine

Men and women seem to find their account during this shopping day! Of course, women remain the biggest spenders in the basket for clothing and beauty products, but we spotted some gentlemen who were not insensitive to this kind of purchase either.

What is Black Friday?

You probably know, but Black Friday comes straight from the United States. A shopping event that has gradually grown within our Swiss borders. Today, this day of shopping devoted to discounts and promotions has become an unmissable event for all lovers of good deals. Crazy reductions in fashion, beauty, high-tech without forgetting household appliances or even decoration and furnishings have been observed. In short, everything we could need. If you too participated in the 2020 edition, you know it as well as we do!

Who invented Black Friday?

There is no official inventor of this sales day. This day of crazy promotions was introduced in the 1960s the day after Thanksgiving in the United States to boost trade and kick off Christmas shopping. The merchants then began to offer absolutely exceptional discounts on a whole day causing the enthusiasm that we know today. Then, little by little, Black Friday crossed the Oceans to settle in China and Europe. Why “black”? Explanation: instead of writing their accounts in red ink because they were in deficit, traders, by disposing of their stocks, could use black ink.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

Black Friday is a sales day that takes place on Friday, hence the name “Friday”. Nevertheless, why “black”. Several rumors exist on this subject, but we do not have a definitive answer. One of them would say it was related to the color of the merchant’s books. The deficit accounts then marked in red would have turned positive on Black Friday, with the use of black writing. The other hypothesis comes from the traffic jams caused by the Thanksgiving weekend, the police and taxi drivers then renamed the Friday and Saturday of Thanskgiving from Black Friday and Black Saturday.