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With TV and computers, home appliance is one of the fastest growing jobs in the house world. Washing machine, dishwasher, food processor, fridge, stove ... Black Friday 2021 is therefore the perfect opportunity to equip yourself at a lower cost!


4 essentials to shop at Black Friday appliances

A food processor

Let it be said: the day you test a food processor, tell yourself that you can never do without it again. To try it is to adopt it for life. Depending on the model you choose, the robot: ax, cut, slice, bat, whisk, mix, knead, prepare ice cubes, soups, bread ... In short, it almost cooks for you. If their cost is often high, Black Friday will offer you the machine of your dreams at a reduced price.

A wine cellar

Have you ever dreamed of offering yourself a wine cellar? We do. Beyond its indisputable usefulness, the wine cellar is aesthetically very pretty. And good news, there is something for all budgets! Take advantage of Black Friday 2021 to give yourself one! A pretty cool future gift idea for Christmas, right?

A coffee machine

For you, a day cannot start without a cup of coffee? You are in the right place since the blackfriday.ch team has prepared several coffee machine deals for this Black Friday 2021!

A raclette machine

As winter approaches, the hearty, and above all, friendly, dishes of the season resurface #lifegoal. See where we're coming from? Raclette machines of course! Any Swiss has at least one in their kitchen. If not, take advantage of Black Friday to buy one. And if you want to change yours for something better or bigger, this is also the right time.

3 tips for choosing the right appliance

  • Electricity consumption
    Beware of the greedy in electricity which quickly inflate the bill! It is important not to necessarily rely on the purchase price. For example, ceramic hobs are cheaper to buy than induction but generate higher power consumption. A detail to check when buying your device, whether in store or online.
  • The size / capacity of the device
    How many people live in your household? This is a criterion that you must take into account since the size of several household appliances varies according to needs such as the refrigerator or a dryer.
  • The style
    If you buy several household appliances separately, you have two options: do it consistently and make sure to create a visual balance with devices of the same design. or mismatch everything and play on the quirky side that it can bring.


Now that you are fully informed, we are waiting for you on Friday, November 26, 2021 to discover all the Black Friday 2021 appliance deals and do some great deals!