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Computer or laptop?

"That is the question". At blackfriday.ch, we never travel without a computer: 200% team laptop. However, choosing between the two depends on how useful you are. If you want a machine for your own office and it is not intended to move, a computer is more suitable. Professions like Webdesigner, Web developer or graphic designers always use computers more regularly than laptops. If like us, you are a "nomad", that you carry your computer everywhere, the laptop would be more adapted to your needs. Whether computer or laptop, brands like Samsung, Apple, Asus, HP or Microsoft offer various high performance computers at very different prices ... Not to mention the discounts posted by Black Friday 2021 at Media Markt, Fnac, Steg, Brack and many others ....

3 tips to choose a computer

After having made your choice between a computer or a laptop, it is time to choose your "machine". And for this, three criteria must be taken into account.

Screen size and resolution

  • Between 10 to 18 inches, you will find a wide choice on the market regarding the size of the screen of your computer or laptop. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best. But above all, ask about its resolution, that is to say the clarity of the text and the images displayed. The higher the resolution, the sharper the elements and displayed smaller. Conversely: the lower the resolution, the sharper the elements and displayed larger.

Gamer or not Gamer?

  • If you’re a gamer, video editing, or image processing, you’ll need a fairly powerful processor. Just as it will be necessary to add a powerful graphics card to be able to take care of all this. If you have a more "office" use of your computer, there is no need to bet on performance and power when it comes to the processor and graphics card. And as these two criteria often vary the price, it is good to find out beforehand.


  • Your laptop turns off in the middle of a customer presentation or presentation, and it's a disaster. Autonomy is super important. Generally, laptops oscillate between an autonomy of 2 and 8 hours for office use. But be aware that today there are low-power processors that allow laptops to run longer.



Last news

The latest from Mac is breathtaking. Released in 2019, it struck our team with its impeccable design and performance! The MacBook Pro released in 2019, available with either a 13-inch screen or a 16-inch screen, is one of the brand's flagships. Some features: 256 GB storage and 512 GB storage

  • puce T2
  • Touch bar
  • CPU Intel Core i5-8259U
  • Memory 16 Go  DDR4 2 400 MHz
  • optical drive


Last news

Envie d’allier ergonomie et haut-design? Le Dell XPS 13 sorti en avril 2019 est ce qu’il vous faut! Jugez par vous-même:

  • CPU Intel iCore 5
  • Screen 13,3 inch Full HD infityEdge
  • GPU Intel UHD 620
  • integrated fingerprint reader