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Find the best BLACK FRIDAY 2021

Perfume deals Spraying perfume is one of the essential beauty gestures of the morning. Whether it is sweet, floral or woody, choosing your scent is a relatively personal choice which depends on several factors: mood, tastes and desires. But what do you know about perfume? is trying to enlighten you a little more on the subject to help you choose your perfume during Black Friday 2021.


Perfume, this olfactory pyramid

Result of a symbiosis of several notes, the perfume is composed of an olfactory pyramid, going from ephemeral notes to more lasting notes. To help you better during your purchase, know that three main families of notes make up the perfume:


Top notes

These are the most volatile, those that give the first impression to the perfume and fade after a few minutes.


Heart notes

They come in a second time and it is they who set the tone of the perfume.


The base notes

Those that will stay for several hours and that give the hold to your scent.


3 tips for using the fragrance


Spray your perfume without breaking its molecules

Spray your perfume several inches from your skin, hair and clothes. If you apply it on the inside of your wrists, do not rub each other. You could break the molecules of the scent and spoil the scent.


Keep your perfume safe

Like any other cosmetic product, the fragrance has an expiration date. Sensitive to temperature, oxygen or light, it does not keep ad vitam æternam. Avoid storing it in a place subject to temperature variations, such as the bathroom unfortunately. Opt instead for a stable place from this point of view, and out of the sun of course!


Test your perfume before buying it

It happened to all of us: we spray a few floral notes on a tester, we fall in love with it, we buy the bottle, we put it arrived at home but we realize that it doesn't look as good as it did at the time where we tested it. Why ? Because a perfume evolves according to the pH of the skin. It is for this reason that the same scent can smell differently from one person to another. So a word of advice: test a perfume before buying it and see how it evolves throughout the day.


You now know everything to correctly choose your perfume but also to keep it properly. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of the great Black Friday 2021 perfume discounts!