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Yallo Black Friday Switzerland
Nespresso Black Friday Switzerland
Manor Black Friday Switzerland
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Salt Black Friday Switzerland
Nettoshop Black Friday Switzerland
Ochsner Shoes Black Friday Switzerland
Aquatis Hôtel Black Friday Switzerland
UPC Black Friday Switzerland
Bains de Saillon Black Friday Switzerland
MAC Black Friday Switzerland
Sunrise Black Friday Switzerland
La Semeuse Black Friday Switzerland
ODLO Black Friday Switzerland
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Club Med Black Friday Switzerland
Teleboy Black Friday Switzerland
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MTW Genève Black Friday Switzerland
Lebara Black Friday Switzerland
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EVENSWISS Black Friday Switzerland
Banqero Black Friday Switzerland
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Recommerce Black Friday Switzerland
Carify Black Friday Switzerland
DeinDeal Black Friday Switzerland
La Mer Black Friday Switzerland
Amorana Black Friday
Melectronics Black Friday Switzerland
Coffee Avenue Black Friday Switzerland
Aveda Black Friday Switzerland
Mover Black Friday Switzerland
Laurastar Black Friday Switzerland

If Black Friday 2021 in Switzerland will therefore take place on Friday, November 26, 2021. You should write this date in red in your diary. Top start in Single’s Day 2021 in Switzerland!

Even though Black Friday Switzerland 2021 will only take place on Friday, November 26, 2021, you should know that the team at blackfriday.ch has done everything possible to find the best deals in Switzerland for you. And how? We met the teams of your favorite brands such as MediaMarkt, Clarins, Manor, Dolce Gusto, La Redoute, Laurastar, Yallo and, and, and!

You have certainly understood it, if you want to shop smart and benefit from the best shops on Black Week 2021, you have come to the right place!


The best shops of Black Friday 2021

Every year, Black Friday in Switzerland is an opportunity for hundreds of shops, brands, brands and distributors to display promotions all the more crazy than the other.

And to seduce you, as well as all the fans of this exceptional day of discounts, they do not hesitate to cut their prices thanks to promotions which you cannot decently resist. "Electronic enthusiast? It is on the side of Melectronics, Media Markt or Lenovo that you will have to be attentive. Crazy promotions will be waiting for you on these sites used to displaying attractive offers throughout their catalog. Televisions, consoles, smartphones, cameras, household appliances… as much to warn you now: telling you that their prices will be attractive is still far from the truth.

Conforama, one of the biggest furniture and decoration brands in Switzerland will obviously also be partying! And if its Black Friday 2021 proceeds like last year, you are guaranteed to have an extension of promotions until after Cyber ​​Monday 2021. Isn't that great?

Among the best shops, several hundred online shops now participate each year in Black Friday in Switzerland Manor, Media Markt, Digitec, Galaxus, Clarins, Pfister, to name the big names. We also find on blackfriday.ch the less famous but equally interesting shops. More confidential online shops with more specialized products, which belong to all categories: Fashion, Electronics, Home, Shoes, Perfumes, travel, that's Black Friday, promotional offers, at incredible prices the last weekend of November for everyone and all ages.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday follow each other and look alike. While the main promotional offers from merchants will take place on D-Day of Black Friday, some will continue the weekend until Cyber ​​Monday on the Monday following "Black Friday".


Black Friday Manor

The most important retail chain in Switzerland is a pioneer when it comes to Black Friday in Switzerland and you can imagine that Manor is launching big guns for Black Friday 2021! Last year there were discounts and special offers in different areas such as fashion, beauty, decoration, etc. So don't miss this year's edition! And a tip from the blackfriday.ch team: don't forget your Manor customer card if you have one. You will find out the reason for this early enough ...


Black Friday Clarins

The French cosmetics brand is again taking part in Black Friday 2021. And this year there will be great discounts and special offers. Unfortunately, we can not tell you anymore, but last year Clarins' double serum cream was 30%, as was the Supra Volume mascara. So it will be very interesting this time and you can look forward to great deals for Black Friday Clarins.


Black Friday Conrad

Image, computer, electronic garden or house equipment ... if you are a bargain hunter, you should not miss the Black Friday Conrad. The entire team at blackfriday.ch is convinced that this real reference in the area of ​​technical equipment on the Swiss market will offer a bunch of great and almost incredible discounts for Black Friday 2021.


Black Friday La Redoute

If you love fashion, beauty and decoration, you are definitely looking forward to La Redoute's new Black Friday campaign for 2021! And we understand that when you consider that there were great discounts and mega special offers for an entire week on this website last year! Get ready!


Black Friday Laurastar

If you have always dreamed of buying a great iron or steam generator from Laurastar, but it was always a bit too expensive for you, you should register at blackfriday.ch to discover the offers of this brand early. And we tell you that as your friends ... if you read between the lines, maybe you can take that as an indication of the Black Friday Laurastar 2021.


Black Friday Dolce Gusto

And if you use Black Friday Switzerland 2021 to give you or your loved ones a Dolce Gusto coffee machine? The last edition of Black Friday gave Dolce Gusto a 40% discount on the Mini-Me machine and a CHF 10 discount on a capsule pack. The offers for Black Friday 2021 could be really tasty!

Black Friday Media Markt

The large German chain of stores for electronics and household appliances is planning deals that you could not even imagine in your dreams! Smartphone, TV, household appliances, hi-fi, gaming or wellness ... The discounts and special offers in this shop for Black Friday Switzerland 2021 are really a must.


Black Friday Melectronics

If you want to give yourself or someone else a new TV, home cinema, smartphone, camera or other device, you should definitely not miss the Black Friday Melectronics. So, the blackfriday.ch team recommends this if you want to take advantage of discounts and special offers from a Migros electronics specialist!


Black Friday Samsung

When one of the market leaders in electronic devices offers discounts on TVs, washing machines or tablets, it is difficult, if not impossible, to miss this opportunity. Clearly that Samsung will participate in Black Friday 2021 and there will be mega special offers. Now you have to decide whether you want to take advantage of this unique opportunity ...


Black Friday H&M

The giant of fashion from Sweden, known to all fashion victims, already offers very moderate prices outside of the special offers. So imagine how interesting Black Friday prices will be! The offers and discounts are real must-buy calls for anyone who would like to replace part or all of the wardrobe - at real mini prices.


Black Friday Yallo

Are you looking for a special offer for a new contract and / or a new phone that totally depends on what the competition offers? Yallo offers unbeatable prices and offers and much more for Black Friday 2021. Last year, for example, this provider offered a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a flat rate at a discount of CHF 20 per month and an iPhone 7 128 GB with a flat rate for Switzerland Mini price. We are already dreaming of Black Friday 2021, which is guaranteed to be just as interesting ...

Our goal? Offer you their best deals. And when we talk about the best deals for Black Friday 2021, we really mean all areas:

- fashion, with big and small brands,
- but also beauty with cosmetics and face and body care,
- or furniture for a new, fresh wind at home,
- and not to forget: high-tech, which we know makes up a large part of the budget.