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For many, Black Friday is the perfect time to shop for Christmas presents. After all, it is one of the most important shopping events of the year and falls between November 23 and 29. High-tech, fashion, beauty, decoration, travel, household appliances ... everything is available on this special shopping day.

Black Friday allows shopping fans to make real bargains. And with the huge selection of offers in large and small shops you will definitely find the right thing!

History and origins of Black Friday

You will certainly have understood the English sounding name, Black Friday comes from the United States. The history of Black Friday dates back to the 1930s. It was introduced at the end of Thanksgiving by traders who wanted to revitalize the economy after the Great Depression.

But “Why is it called Black Friday ?” you probably ask. There are two anecdotes about it. The first would be that traders’ account books changed color on Black Friday and changed from red, the color symbolizing a loss to black, representing profits. Even though this theory is highly shared, it is also the least “verified”.

The other hypothesis – much more likely – would be related to the huge traffic jams caused by the Thanksgiving weekend. The police and taxi drivers called it: Black Friday and Black Saturday.

Black Friday indicates the “trigger” of the Christmas shopping period. The promotions are so gigantic, that the scenes of jubilation in the shops are legendary. Nothing like the sales, the excitement is much higher. You should know that Black Friday is the most important day in the United States for trading and that day is even a holiday. This tells you the importance of the event.

When is Black Friday in Switzerland ?

An American tradition, Black Friday is the day after the turkey of the famous Thanksgiving dinner. And if you’re a fan of the Friends series, you know it’s on the fourth Thursday of November. Every year, this day of shopping with breathtaking promotions is a delight for fans of good deals. Especially since it sets the start of end of year shopping. The perfect opportunity to spoil all your loved ones – including yourself obviously – at a lower cost.

For this 2021 edition, Black Friday in Switzerland is set for November 26th. Write it down right now in your diary! Take the opportunity to make note of the next seasons:

  • Black Friday 2020: Friday 27 November 2020
  • Black Friday 2021: Friday 26 November 2021
  • Black Friday 2022: Friday 25 November 2022
  • Black Friday 2023: Friday 24 November 2023


Our tips for Black Friday


You can imagine that with discounts of 30%, 40%, 50% or even 60%, you will not be the only one in on the deal! So to avoid missing any promotions, the blackfriday.ch team has some tips to give you:


Prepare a wishlist


Be ready on the big day


Arrive at the opening time
(if you go to the physical shop)


Register on the website blackfriday.ch

Black Friday in 4 important numbers

  • 80 million Swiss francs were spent during the Black Friday period in Switzerland. An amount that represents five times the average sales of a day in online commerce. We expect a record number for the Black Friday 2020 edition. Get ready!
  • More than 200: The number of stores participating in Black Friday 2019. And good news: there will be many more for this 2020 edition.

3: this is the number of discount days that Manor has offered for Black Friday 2019. Not content to be the forerunner of this fantastic day of discount shopping in Switzerland, Manor introduced 3 days of exceptional promotions last year. At blackfriday.ch we have a very strong feeling that this year could be an encore … which would obviously please shopping fans, and you?

-80%: these are the maximum discounts that we could find during the 2019 edition of Black Friday, especially at Zalando. Didn’t we tell you that Black Friday was THE day for great deals?

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