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Find the best of BLACK FRIDAY 2021 Makeup

Whether for an evening, for the day or occasionally, make-up accompanies each of us almost daily. But as you know, this sometimes has a cost ... Fortunately, Black Friday 2021 is the perfect opportunity to refuel your favorite products at low prices!

The 5 makeup basics to shop during Black Friday 2021

The foundation

Whether in powder, cream, fluid or foam, light, covering, mattifying, nourishing ... the foundation is a basic makeup and there is no perfectly even complexion without it. This essential gives peach, illuminates the face and acts as a base for a sun powder for example or / and blush.

Lip balm / base

Wind, cold, sun ... lips can become dehydrated and dry depending on outside temperatures. It is for this reason that we advise you never to forget a lip balm or base. An essential that helps protect and nourish them.


No XXL look without mascara, it's a science. This tool is magic: have you noticed that even if you are not wearing makeup, your eyes brighten with a simple touch of mascara?

Sun powder

Sun powder is the “good-looking” ally of our winters, and even, all the time #clearskin. Thanks to her, we say bye bye with an aspirin-like complexion (without abusing it)!


Without a doubt the most essential skin correction product in our opinion. Thanks to him, the traces of fatigue are reduced and the look more "rested". With him, your little night goes unnoticed.

3 makeup tips

If makeup has this magical power to camouflage small imperfections and highlight assets, whether misused or chosen, it can turn out to be carnage ... Fortunately, the "beautysta" team at blackfriday gives you their precious advice.

Extends the life of mascara

We may take all the necessary precautions, in the long run, the mascara will eventually dry. To avoid this problem and make it last much longer, pour a few drops of saline inside the bottle and mix everything well.

Brighten your eyes

How do you light up your eyes? Mascara? Yes, but still? Do you know that a white pencil can change everything? It is applied on the mobile eyelid just before the colored eyeshadow. Finally, know that a line of white pencil inside the eye is the best way to enlarge the look.

Choose the right texture

Cream, fluid, powder or foam… there are several types of textures, all adapted to a skin type. Cream foundations are intended for dry skin because they are richer. As for those with a fatty tendency, fluid textures with a matte finish are desired.

Now that you have all the info and tips to choose your makeup, discover all the deals, discounts and promotions of Black Friday makeup.