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When is the Black Friday iPhone in Switzerland?

In the smartphone category, Black Friday in Switzerland is THE day to find your iPhone at the best price in Switzerland. On this exceptional shopping day, you will surely find the model of your dreams with incredible offers. Whether at MediaMarkt, Fnac, Melectronics, Galaxus, Digitec, Interdiscount or Manor, there is surely an offer that suits you. And that's not counting the mobile operators who, for Black Friday 2021 in Switzerland. With mobile + all inclusive subscription offers we can make real savings on smartphone prices.

The models of Black Friday iPhone in Switzerland?

It was during the last Apple keynote that Tim Cook unveiled the latest addition to the range with the iPhone 11 also available in the iPhone 11 Pro version.

This device has allowed the apple brand to return to the front of the stage. While fierce competition like Huawei, Samsung (and its Galaxy range) or Xiaomi, Oppo and OnePlus highlights its innovative strength.

Today, consumers can choose from the most recent models, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, the iPhone XR and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.
However, the previous models are not obsolete. If you want to buy an iPhone XR for example, you will not be disappointed. Indeed, with each launch of new generations, the price of the old ones is lowered. These versions are still available and are also taking advantage of Black Friday discounts with deals on the iPhone 7, iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6.

To choose your iPhone it is important to take into account its technical characteristics, your budget and the use you will have of it, between photo, video playback or autonomy.

Thea selection of the blackfriday.ch team:

  • IPhone 11, the latest, the best. Available in iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max versions, with the improvements made by this latest version, Apple’s smartphone is once again becoming one of the best smartphones of the moment. At MediaMarkt, the price starts at 809.-, for only 64 GB of internal memory. It still takes 999.- for the 256 GB version. At this price, we have the right to expect Apple to do more than just follow the competition.
  • The iPhone Xs, the alternative. A year after the release of the iPhone X, Apple is offering renewal with the "s" version of its model. It incorporates the main characteristics with a more efficient seal, performance suitable for all uses and one of the best screens on the market. At Fnac, we will find the 64GB model from 1079.- and up to 1499.- for the 512 GB version.
  • The iPhone 8, the right student at a low price. Despite all the market developments, the iPhone 8 remains a good student. This device with reasonable performance will meet all uses for aficionados who do not want to exceed a budget of 600.-
  • iPhone 7, 6S and 6. With the end of iOS updates for the iPhone 6 model and a completely revised design since version 8, Apple is gradually starting to abandon these devices. For these ranges we will turn to sellers of refurbished smartphones like Recommerce.

To conclude, in 2017, the release of the iPhone X had conquered the public with its design and modernism. However, in 2018, the iPhone XS offered few developments. In 2019, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro bring nice improvements on the photo side and increased autonomy. For those who want an edge-to-edge screen with the comfort of gesture-based operation and a 2019 processor at a more reasonable price, the iPhone 11 is our favorite. But as an alternative, especially for those who need an optical zoom, the iPhone XS remains an excellent solution at a more affordable price. Finally to watch also, the iPhone X whose price drops even more!

Black Friday iPhone best deals

Quality / price ratio, real savings, crossed out price, inflated or not, seller in MarketPlace. The blackfriday.ch team regularly checks all this information to offer you the best iPhone deals. If the discounts are not huge, it should be remembered that products like the iPhone are rarely sold. During Black Friday 2020, no brand offered promotions on the latest model in the range (iPhone 11). However we could see reductions of 5 to 10% at Fnac and MediaMarkt on the iPhone X, Xs and Xr.
For the 2020 edition, our experts expect actions that will exceed 10% reduction on the X range. And sometimes even up to 30% on older models. Throughout the year, we will find the best smartphone and iPhone deals. Our goal is to offer you the best deals of Black Friday iPhone 2021 in Switzerland.

Where to buy during Black Friday iPhone 2021 in Switzerland?

On the Internet or in stores, the iPhone will be available at your favorite shops. In the end, everything is a question of stock. From Geneva to Lausanne via Bern or Zurich, there will always be a shop with a promotion on the iPhone. In any case, think of comparing online and point of sale offers for the same brand. You may find exclusive offers on the internet with withdrawal in store.

A little tip: Do not hesitate to look at the offers of telephone operators. Indeed Salt, Yallo, Sunrise or Swisscom have some nice surprises in store for you on Black Friday iPhone in Switzerland. If you want to change your plan, great savings are also waiting for you.

Blackfriday.ch Smartphone Expert