When is Club Med Black Friday?

Black Friday will take place on November 26, 2021, a date to mark in your diary! Will you do like some who even take a day off? (Yes, unfortunately it is not a public holiday in Switzerland). We expect Club Med to be at the event, if you can believe the general enthusiasm of the past year. Regardless of whether on that day or a little earlier: we look forward to seeing you on blackfriday.ch for the trendiest shopping ever!

What deals can be expected for Club Med 2021 Black Friday in Switzerland?

Since Club Med is absolutely tight, we can unfortunately only guess which deals you can look forward to. Every year, our team observed new shops and brands offering their deals for the first time. You will most likely get discounts of -15% to -70% depending on stock levels and deals on products selected by Club Med, for example in the Travel and Airline tickets category! Here you can find great bargains in the whole of Switzerland at the end of November 2021 - prepare yourself today!

And Club Med's Cyber ​​Monday?

It is possible that Club Med will take part in Cyber ​​Monday this year in Switzerland. As a logical extension of Black Friday on the following Monday, our team found that if the brand is there on Black Friday, there is a 90% chance that they will also be on Cyber ​​Monday. At the moment we can only guess what you can look forward to in terms of travel and airline tickets during Cyber ​​Week. The discounts will probably be similar to Friday's, but sometimes there are surprises! Our e-mail notices keep you up to date.

A Singles' Day for Club Med this year in Switzerland?

Singles' Day is a new sale day from China. It's too early to say if Club Med will be there. One thing is certain, however: the date is the same every year: November 11th. Last year several brands in Switzerland took part with interesting deals. For Club Med, the travel and flight tickets product category would be affected in order to celebrate shopping for singles. Will you find the right one a few days before Black Friday? More on this as soon as we have more information.

The best deals at Club Med 2021

Discover all Black Friday 2021 bargains exclusively on blackfriday.ch. On this page we will show you the best Black Friday deals from Club Med in Switzerland as soon as they are known. It is important to be quick because the brands and retailers rarely talk about it before the event and the special offers are only valid for a few days. While you wait for the insane shopping event, meditate on our Black Friday shopping notification emails.

Club Med Black Friday in Switzerland, Save the Date:

  • Black Friday Club Med 2021: Friday November 26th, 2021
  • Cyber ​​Monday Club Med 2021: Monday, November 29th, 2021
  • Single's Day Club Med 2021: Thursday 11 November 2021