Cyber Monday is the internet version of Black Friday. This event brings together the best of many merchants who offer their low prices online only. Cyber Monday always takes place on the Monday after Black Friday. While many brands and retailers compete over a weekend to offer the lowest prices of the year online and at the point of sale, Cyber Monday is the peak of low prices on the internet and on many e-commerce sites.


Although the events follow each other closely, and both are an opportunity to take advantage of great deals, there are some subtleties between these two commercial operations. 
First of all, Black Friday, which initially took place on a Friday, is now spread over several days to become, over time, Black Week, and can even be called Black November.
Cyber Monday lasts only one day. The promotions offered are only valid for 24 hours. Moreover, as its name suggests, Cyber Monday takes place online only. This means that you'll find great deals on your favourite brands at their eshops.
Finally, if you're used to finding good deals and low prices all year round on the Internet, you should know that Cyber Monday promotions are truly exceptional. Just like its big brother, Black Friday 2023 in Switzerland, Cyber Monday 2023 offers the lowest prices of the year at many merchants.


This is always a difficult question, as brands and retailers keep their participation in the November events a secret. While it is common to see shops like Ochsner Shoes, Media Markt or Fnac offering Cyber Monday promotions in Switzerland, each year the event attracts new merchants. One would be tempted to say that most of the merchants who participate in Black Friday will be on board during Cyber Monday, but this is not the case. We still see many merchants only offering discounts during Black Friday and not participating in Cyber Monday. That's why it's important to do some scouting to prepare your purchases. What is certain is that Cyber Monday attracts new shops every year. In 2022, for example, Manor took part in the event for the first time with incredible online-only discounts. You can take a look at our shop pages to see if your favourite retailer will be offering any Cyber Monday 2023 deals in Switzerland.


Rather than telling you something we don't know yet, we'd rather give you reliable information. We'll be honest, it's impossible to tell you what deals you'll find during Cyber Monday 2023. However, we can look back at the previous edition, which saw some incredible discounts on Cyber Monday 2022.
70% off, no less! That's the offer that some merchants are making on their online shops. For example, Manor, for its first participation in Cyber Monday in Switzerland, offered discounts of up to 70% on a wide range of products such as fashion, toys, jewellery and beauty products. Ochsner Shoes was offering a 70% discount on the entire site for one day only. Salt was offering 70% off the Europe+data subscription.
What's certain with the Cyber Monday deals in Switzerland is that you'll find discounts in almost every product category. Of course, there's high-tech with discounts on computers, cameras, TVs, video game consoles, watches and connected accessories. Fashion is also part of it, with women's, men's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories, followed by cosmetics and beauty products such as face and body care, make-up and perfumes. But we can also mention sports, travel, toys, mobile phones and subscriptions... You will see that the event is full of surprises and that new sections appear every year.

As you'll see, the Cyber Monday offers are really worth it! And if you didn't make it to Black Friday 2023 in Switzerland, you know that you still have one more day to take advantage of the great deals in November.

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