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• Why buy Samsung’s QLED technology?       • Why choose a sound bar?
• OLED vs QLED comparison                          • Why is the Galaxy S9 the smartphone you need?
• 3 tips for choosing your QLED TV                 •   Why are we crazy about the Galaxy Tab S4?
• The QLED 8K TV & The Frame TV models
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Why buy Samsung’s QLED technology?

With technology developed and only used by Samsung, the QLED is a hyper-realistic audiovisual experience. Thanks to Quantum Dot technology, the brightness and clarity of the image are of excellent quality regardless of the lighting level in the room. And with inorganic particles, there is no risk of burn-in. You can jump right in!

Samsung Qled vs Other TV


  • OLED = organic light emitting diode
  • There is a risk of burn-in with organic OLEDs.
  • A deeper, more intense black.
  • The lighting environment must be controlled.
  • The brightness decreases rapidly after 20 000 hours of use.


  • QLED = Quantum dot anorganic LED
  • No risk of burn-in thanks to inorganic particles.
  • Higher brightness.
  • More vivid colors.
  • Better contrasts.
  • Accurate and intense colors regardless of the angle of view.


3 tips for choosing your QLED TV

1. What size?

The size of the screen is always a major topic at the time of purchase. Good news: QLED TVs come in a range of sizes: 49, 55, 65 and 85 inches. You’re spoiled for choice!



2. What Budget?

You really want the QLED technology but you think you don’t have the budget? Note that the Samsung’s QLED range offers several models at different prices to suit all budgets. Great news!



3. When?

When we say crazy deals, we’re saying Black Friday, obviously! Make the most of Black Friday Switzerland and buy yourself the latest generation TV you’ve always dreamed of. With hallucinating offers, it would be a shame to miss out…



Qled  8K Samsung TV
Samsung TV The Frame


  • The borderless display allows complete immersion in the image.
  • 8K AI Upscaling technology upgrades 4K or lower resolution content to 8K with artificial intelligence!
  • A slimline structure due to an external electronics box.
  • Exceptional contrasts thanks to Q HDR 8K technology

The Frame 2.0 TV

  • The Frame 2.0 blends with your interior, turning into a painting.
  • The screen is equipped with a dimmer that adjusts automatically to the ambient light rendering the artwork as natural as possible.
  • Use the One Remote Control for The Frame TV settings.
  • A high-end image thanks to its 4K UHD

Why choose a sound bar?

Although the cinematography experience come to us visually, the audio is also of great importance. After all, it’s through sound that we feel sensations and emotions.
With a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-N950 from Samsung, and its horizontal and vertical speaker output, the 7.1.4 channel atmospheric audio experience is here!

More good news: this audio system kit includes 2 wireless rear speakers. With vertical output technology, it’s over to you for the installation of home-cinema with surround sound!

Finally, if you want rich sound at home, remember that with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interfaces, the soundbar connects easily to other wireless devices. Convenient for streaming your favorite music from your smartphone to your soundbar.

Samsung Soundbar Black Friday Schweiz

Why the Galaxy S9 is the smartphone you need?

Samsung Galaxy 9

Its storage

With a microSD card, you can gain up to 512 GB of extra space. Perfect for storing photos and videos!

Its camera

Thanks to the rear camera’s dual lens, you can take photos worthy of a true professional.

Its versatility

Thanks to Samsung DeX, you can use your phone’s applications with your PC!


Why are we crazy about the Galaxy Tab S4?

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Its nomadic spirit

Designed for mobile use AND for example, home entertainment, the new Samsung tablet is multitasking!

Its size

With a 10.5-inch screen and minimized edges, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 maximizes the visual experience.

Its sound

The Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with 4 AKG speakers and Dolby Atmos audio technology for 3D surround sound.