EVENSWISS Black Friday Switzerland

EVENSWISS Black Friday Switzerland

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Due to the revolutionary and patented rejuvenation mechanism, the dermatological skin care products of EVENSWISS® are unique worldwide. The activation of the skin's own skin renewal and the long-lasting results have already captivated numerous beauty fans and specialists. With the spectacular Black Friday offers from EVENSWISS® you also have the unbeatable opportunity to convince yourself of the quality and effect of the products!

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Receive directly by email the best 2024 promotions selected by our teams

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When is Black Friday from EVENSWISS?

EVENSWISS has kept participation in Black Friday 2023 in Switzerland mega-secret, so anything is possible for the 2024 edition. We are currently hoping that EVENSWISS has something to offer for "Black Friday", 29 November 2024, but it is also possible that the event will start a few days earlier. The discounts will only be announced at the last moment, so we will keep you up to date as soon as we know more.

What deals can be expected for EVENSWISS Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland?

The EVENSWISS brand is keeping quiet about the deals it will be offering in 2024. We think it is quite possible that the brand will participate again, as it did last year. If this is the case, we can already guess what deals you can look forward to. Our team has been able to observe new shops and brands with Black Friday promotions for the first time in Switzerland with every new edition for several years to date. In general, there are special offers from -15% to -70% depending on the stock and selection of EVENSWISS, for example in the product category ! Intensive shopping guaranteed at the end of November 2024, prepare today!

And Cyber Monday from EVENSWISS?

Will EVENSWISS be taking part in Cyber Monday this year? Following Black Friday on the following Monday, our team has often observed that a brand participating in Black Friday is pretty sure to have Cyber Monday deals up its sleeve. We're keeping our fingers crossed that you can continue to find great bargains throughout Cyber Week in Switzerland. At EVENSWISS, the special offers will certainly be similar to Friday, but sometimes surprises await us! Our email alerts will keep you up to date.

A Singles' Day for EVENSWISS this year in Switzerland?

Singles' Day is a new sell-out day from China. It is still too early to say whether EVENSWISS will take part. But one thing is certain: the date is the same every year: 11 November. Last year, several brands in Switzerland took part with interesting deals. For EVENSWISS, the product category would therefore be affected in order to celebrate shopping for singles. Will you find the right thing a few days before Black Friday? More on this as soon as we have more information.

The best deals at EVENSWISS 2024

What deals can we look forward to if EVENSWISS is in Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland? We will post a link to the brand's Black Friday deals here, should the brand entrust them to us ahead of time. But then you have to be quick, because the brands are extremely discreet before day X, but also because the special offers are usually only valid for a single day. At best, they are only valid for a few days. While you wait for the big shopping event of the year, you can sign up here for our e-mail alerts to receive information in real time.

EVENSWISS Black Friday in Switzerland:

  • Singles Day EVENSWISS 2024: Monday 11th November 2024
  • Black Friday EVENSWISS 2024: Friday 29th November 2024
  • Cyber Monday EVENSWISS 2024: Monday 2nd December 2024