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Manor Black Friday Switzerland
Nespresso Black Friday Switzerland
Yallo Black Friday Switzerland
Lenovo Black Friday Switzerland
Salt Black Friday Switzerland
Nettoshop Black Friday Switzerland
Ochsner Shoes Black Friday Switzerland
Aquatis Hôtel Black Friday Switzerland
UPC Black Friday Switzerland
ODLO Black Friday Switzerland
World Of Games Black Friday Switzerland
La Semeuse Black Friday Switzerland
Sunrise Black Friday Switzerland
MAC Black Friday Switzerland
Bains de Saillon Black Friday Switzerland

Single’s Day, what is it?

Single’s Day is a kind of Chinese Black Friday dedicated to singles and where the promotions displayed are dizzying! Thanks to absolutely phenomenal reductions, good deals are on the agenda ... and the madness of buying fever too. Realize, the discounts sometimes reach even up to -95%! A real madness in China which gradually began to grow beyond borders to reach Europe and the United States.

Who invented Single’s Day?

Legend has it that Single’s Day was created by two Chinese students in 1993. Singles were fed up with seeing that singles were stigmatized by society. As a kind of "revenge", they decided to create an alternative to Valentine's Day and a celebration of singles. Single’s Day was born.

But there is another theory about its creation. And this time, the Chinese authorities are responsible for the birth of Single’s Day. The reason ? Want to fight the Western influence of Valentine's Day.

Why is Single’s Day called Single’s Day?

The logic of its name is quite obvious since Single’s Day puts ... singles in the spotlight. You do not agree ?

What is Single’s Day?

As with Valentine’s Day or Women’s Day, Single’s Day is celebrated every year on the same date: November 11. Have you noticed that November 11 was a succession of "1": 11.11? The choice of this date is obviously not linked to chance since the four "1s" symbolize singles.

To avoid missing the next editions of Single’s Day, write the date of the next editions of Singles Day on your smartphone or calendar now.

  • Singles Day 2020: Wednesday, 11th November 2020
  • Singles Day 2021: Thursday, 11th November 2021
  • Singles Day 2022: Friday, 11th November 2022

How long is Single’s Day?

Single Day lasts only one day, that of 11.11. However, it is not uncommon to find that some online shops start hostilities the night before, November 10.

3 things to know about Single’s Day

The previous edition of Singles Day broke all consumption records! To find out, here are 3 things to know about (last) Singles Day.

Alibaba and the success of Singles Day

Alibaba, a leading e-commerce leader in China, achieves its largest turnover of the year each year with Singles Day. During the last edition, the site recorded a new record with 27 billion Swiss francs of sales in 24 hours.

5 countries fond of Singles Day

If Singles Day still struggles to settle inside our country, 5 countries are however very fond of Singles Day: Japan, the United States, South Korea, Australia and Germany.

Leading brand products

40% of consumers take advantage of Singles Day to buy products and services from international brands such as Appel, L’Oréal, Nestlé ...