Black Friday Switzerland

If in the United States, Black Friday creates such a craze that crowds pour in mass in the streets and shops, to block the entrance to the shops.

Fortunately, we are not there yet in Switzerland. Black Friday only arrived in Switzerland in 2014 with Manor, which means that the shopping event is still in its infancy compared to the United States. But in five years, the impact that the event had on the economic panorama in our country is certain.

Black Friday Switzerland notably allows Manor to make 30% of its annual turnover in the period of November. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re going overboard shopping. The Swiss consumer is of a reasonable type in his purchases, taking advantage of the event to do his Christmas shopping, as Manor notes in 2018.

The brand also believes that part of its revenue for Christmas shopping is made during Black Friday Switzerland, without being able to measure the exact proportion. This is not surprising, the event taking place less than a month before Christmas. With that, Santa Claus will come before time!

Black Friday, already five years!

Black Friday celebrates six years this year in Switzerland! Switzerland has already participated in this shopping event for six years, which allows lots of consumers to get bargains a few weeks before Christmas! Born in the United States in the 1930s, Black Friday is celebrated the day after the Thanksgiving meal. it’s a very important holiday in the hearts of Americans! In Switzerland, if Thanksgiving is not celebrated, Black Friday grows every year, to become an essential sales period for bargain lovers.

Within the country, the word Black Friday is becoming more and more pronounced in the lips of the Swiss, who await it at the turn each year! This year, the Black Friday 2024 will takes place on November 29 in Switzerland, as in many countries around the world.

Increase in participating businesses

More and more businesses are choosing to participate in the shopping event, which is a boon for consumers wishing to do their Christmas shopping in advance.

From the online shoe store to the travel agency and phone operators, the trend seems to be increasing regardless of the sales sector. Among the participating stores, we can already count Fnac, Media Markt, Conforama and Zalando among others.

And this year, we expect an increasing number of stores to participate in the event, particularly in e-commerce.

Black Friday in der Schweiz

Zürich Black Friday

As an economic capital and a true hot spot for shopping, it’s impossible for Zurich to miss out on Black Friday 2024. And luckily for fans of shopping because its innumerable small streets teem with small and large shops, as well as international brands. With Black Friday Zurich 2024, the timing is more than perfect to spoil yourself without breaking the bank.

Bern Black Friday

The old town of Bern is an essential shopping experience for both the locals and tourists alike. And when Black Friday 2024 invades the streets of the old town, including the Kramgasse and its many shops, the excitement is at its height. The old city of the Helvetic capital is not the only place to be for great trades. Also think about going outdoors, especially to malls like Wankdorf or Westside that will offer stunning promotions.

Our tips for Black Friday

You can certainly imagine that you will probably not be alone before discounts of 30%, 40%, 50% or even 60%! So that you don’t miss a special offer, the team at has some good tips for you:

  1. First of all: prepare a wish list. This doesn’t seem to be very important, but we can assure you that this will allow you not to fall in love with the flood of offers and to be able to buy anything you want. Write down the exact product references of the items you have already selected to be really ready for Day X. If you do not know exactly what you are looking for, but would like to benefit from the great promotions for Black Friday, you will feel like in paradise!
  2. Then you should be ready for day X. What does that mean exactly? If you want to shop online, you should make sure that your computer is charged and your credit card etc. is right next to it. If you go to bed late, this is an advantage for you because Black Friday starts online at 00:01.
  3. If you prefer to go to the shops, we recommend that you be there for the opening if possible.
  4. And you should also register on the website. Why? Because then you will definitely not miss any Black Friday offer or deal. And among us: we even promise you a few exclusivities.

Black Friday in 4 important numbers:

  • 80 million Swiss francs were spent in Switzerland during Black Friday. A sum that is five times the average sales of a normal day in online business. We predict record sales for Black Friday 2018. Get ready!
  • More than 200: is the number of participating stores on 2017. And good news: 2018 is even more.
  • 3: Number of days with discounts at Manor at Black Friday 2017. Manor it is not enough to be a pioneer of this fantastic shopping day with the special prices in Switzerland and therefore introduced 3 special days for discounts last year. At we have a strong feeling that there might be a repeat this year … Of course that would please shopping addicts among you, wouldn’t it?
  • -80%: is the maximum discount that Black Friday saw, especially at Zalando. Didn’t we tell you that Black Friday is THE perfect day for bargains?