What is Cyber Monday in Switzerland?

Cyber Monday is the online extension of Black Friday. While all shops offer discounts during Black Friday and even the week before, some have chosen to continue their operation online during the Monday after.

But be careful, it is not systematic, all those who offer promotions during Black Friday in Switzerland don't necessarily participate in Cyber Monday. You have to keep a close eye on the ads and deals published on the same day.


What are the Cyber Monday deals

There are, of course, the deals available during the Black Week. But the most interesting thing is that many shops will offer additional or different deals. Sometimes these are discounts that come on top of existing promotions, sometimes the discounts will concern a new product category or a particular brand. Shops compete with each other to offer you their best deals.

Last year, we saw yallo and Salt offering new deals during Cyber Monday while Media Markt kept the same promotions all November. Odlo and La Redoute extended their Black Friday offers while Manor did not do any action on this particular day. The good thing about Cyber Monday 2022 in Switzerland is that it comes right after Black Friday, so we will have had time to prepare our purchases and compare the offers to find the best of Cyber Monday 2022 in Switzerland.


Black Friday or Cyber Monday, what are the best deals?

There is no rule to tell you that Cyber Monday is more interesting than Black Friday or vice versa. What counts is to know exactly what you want to buy and to do your research. This is still the best way to avoid the temptation of impulse buying and especially to take advantage of the best discounts on the products you are looking for. Cyber Monday and Black Friday are not competitors, they are complementary. If Black Friday 2022 in Switzerland promises us some nice surprises, Cyber Monday is not to be outdone.


What is the date of Cyber Monday 2022?

Easy question! If you know or know how to find the date of the Black Friday 2022 in Switzerland, then you are ready for the Cyber Monday. Indeed, as it takes place on the Monday following Black Friday, and the latter always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, it is very simple: Cyber Monday always takes place on the 4th Monday of November. For this 2022 edition, the date of the event is set for Monday 28th November 2022. Keep this date in mind in your planning, even if we are sure that the "ambient noise" made by Black Friday will not fail to remind you that Cyber Monday comes right after.

So get ready for this crazy week in November. To make sure you don't miss out on the best deals, every day we'll be broadcasting our partners' selection in all product categories. Fashion, decoration, beauty, high-tech, nothing escapes the madness of November promotions in Switzerland. If you want to be sure to know the offers in time, just subscribe to our email alerts. More than just a spam, we'll broadcast every day all the best offers as soon as they appear online.