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Find all the best Black Friday 2024 deals in the sport category. To equip yourself with accessories, clothing or equipment, the prices are incredibly low and the discounts crazy! Thanks to Black Friday in Switzerland, you will definitely want to play sports. All your favorite shops are there, Ochsner Sport, Odlo, SportXX and many more ...

For passion or to take care of you, everything is there to do you good, attention, ready, shopping!

We can't say it enough, but exercise is a must to keep your body and mind healthy. Whether in the fitness center, in a group or alone - you are spoiled for choice in a sporting activity. The “Sport-Addict” team from gives you some tips to find the right one for you.

3 sports that are trendy right now

There is a huge selection in the field of sports! The team at presents 3 trendy sports that will surely interest you.


I beg your pardon? You don't know what piloxing is? It is a new sporting discipline consisting of 40% boxing, 40% Pilates and 20% dancing. Piloxing is therefore quite complete and has been proven to be good for body and mind. Calories are burned, the whole body and the heart are trained. An activity that is perfect for those who want to exercise!

Gentle gymnastics

“Gentle gymnastics” means yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi. Activities that have been fashionable for some time and are still spreading. Exactly the right thing for those who think that yoga or Pilates are “quiet” activities: test it and we'll talk to you afterwards.


Boxing is ideal if you want to build muscle and shape your body while improving your endurance. This discipline works the entire body and is quite intense. But the term "boxing" includes several types: savate, Thai boxing, boxing ... Find the type that best suits you.

How is the right sport chosen?

With this huge range, it's not always easy to make a decision. And above all to make the right decision. To help you find out which sport suits you best, here are a few tips that you should consider before you subscribe to the fitness center or start an activity alone:
A list of what you like and what you don't like
First, list everything you like or less like about an activity. This not only allows you to exclude some sports, but also to discover sports activities that you might not have thought of.

Test before you commit

Before you register in a fitness center or commit to a sporting activity with purchased equipment, you should take the time to test the sport. This enables you to be sure whether this activity is suitable for you or not, whether you like the mood, etc.

Choose the activity depending on your needs

Are you more interested in an activity that exhausts you or one that calms you down? Or maybe both at the same time? Choosing a sport depending on your needs and your desire is important so that you enjoy it regularly.
The ideal opportunity to buy new running shoes or to do sports (again) in perfect conditions. Here we go!