What is a Black Friday Deal?

A Black Friday Deal is an action or a promotional offer of a brand or a store available during the Black Friday period but not only.

The best Black Friday Deals 2024

2024 will be a great year for Black Friday, the whole blackfriday.ch team is already preparing the big event of the sales of the year in Switzerland. On this page, you will find all the deals from all the categories of the brands and in exclusivity. Our programs will search immediately the price reductions on your favourite products on the Swiss web.

For several months, the blackfriday.ch team has been working hard to present you all the best Black Friday 2024 offers in shops and online. At least, that is what it takes to find the best deals and good tips of this relatively intense shopping day. Fashion fans will find something to satisfy their desires as many fashion brands are taking part in this event. 

Black Friday 2024 Deals La Redoute

For La Redoute, it wasn't a crazy discount day, or even three, but an entire week! And not content to offer discounts over an entire week, this giant of the mail order offered in its online shop unbeatable prices on women, men and children fashion, but also on household linen, decoration, bedding or beauty…

Black Friday Deals Manor 2024

Manor had proposed "3 Special Black Fridays" and declined Black Friday over three days! In addition, customers holding the Manor card could again benefit from discounts of up to 30% on almost all of its assortment (non-food). Suffice to say that it was impossible to resist ...

Black Friday High-tech

Discover all the offers regarding TV, video, audio, computers and photos, phones, tablets, connected watches... You wish to change your TV for the latest generation? You want to change your mobile phone? Or your computer? Take advantage of the  Black Friday 2024 to get the latest high-tech novelties at bargain prices thanks to the totally new discounts available during this shopping day! At blackfriday.ch, we even have a top 5 of our favorite high-tech shops where we are sure to check out the promotions. We are talking about Media Markt, Conforama, Samsung, Brack.ch and Digitec. For smartphones, Yallo and Salt will be the ones you should check out the offers. Maybe the operators will have promotions on subscriptions, too.

Black Friday Deals Smartphone

If, like us, you like new technologies, especially when it comes to smartphones, you won't miss the Black Friday smartphone! Samsung, Apple, Huawei... and so many other brands promise exceptional discounts on must-have models! An opportunity not to be missed.

Black Friday Deals Televisions

Full HD, 4K, OLED, UHD-TV, extra thin screen... what if the Swiss Black Friday was the perfect time to get that TV you've always dreamed of? Take advantage of Black Friday TV's huge promotions and discounts to get some deals that you will rarely have the chance to get...

TVs are the rock stars of Black Friday. In the Home Appliances and HighTech category, it is the perfect time to change your Home Theater with OLED or QLED screens from the most famous brands like Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic. Digitec, Media Markt, Melectronics shops will of course be the most expected on these products during Black Friday 2024. But beware, Amazon may also be among the major new products in Swiss e-shops in 2024.

Black Friday Appliances

Discover all the offers regarding ironing, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, but also coffee machines, juicers, food processors... Washing machine, dishwasher, iron, vacuum cleaner, coffee machine, high-performance food processor... whether by desire or by necessity, renewing your household appliances without spending a fortune is possible! And with the promotions displayed as Black Friday household appliances, it will be very difficult to resist…

Black Friday Fashion, Mode

Discover all the Black Friday offers of clothing, accessories, shoes: moccasins, boots and ankle boots, pumps, ballerinas, sandals, sports shoes, slippers, but also coats, suits, suits, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shirts, pants, jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, bermudas, not forgetting hats, socks, belts, scarves and scarves, gloves, hats, sachet bags, underwear…

Girls are cracking, men too, Black Friday fashion is a great time to renew your guard dress or just to change your look. So ready for the makeover? The Deals on Shoes are the most popular with fashion fans in Switzerland. Especially at Zalando or Sarenza. These 2 e-shops will find something for you (literally). But let's not leave aside our favorite Swiss brands with Dosenbach, or Aeshbach who have participated timidly in Black Friday in recent years, let's see what the 2024 edition has in store for us. On the Fashion side, H&M and Zara have been the most popular in recent years in Switzerland, to be continued ...

Notice to fashionistas: Black Friday 2024 is the perfect opportunity to garnish - even more - your wardrobe. And at a low price thanks to the crazy discounts and reductions that await you! This year, we already know where we would like to do our fashion bargains. La Redoute, for example, which has an impressive fashion offer, or Manor and its very elegant selections. For the smallest budgets, GEMO will be a perfect brand where to stock up on fashion bargains. Without forgetting Dosenbach and Ochsner Shoes, two big names in the shoe industry. Isn’t it the shoeystas ladies?

Black Friday Deals Beauty & Wellness

Discover all the deals in make-up (complexion, eyes, lips, nails), facial care, skin care, hair care ...

Winter is just around the corner and brings with it a new beauty routine. Both on the side of care for the body and face which are becoming more nourishing, as on the side of makeup where the shades become colder. Black Friday Beauty is the unique opportunity to rethink your beauty routine at very affordable prices. For body and face care, our favorites are undeniably the Clarins, Clinique, Aveda and La Mer brands. As for make-up, we will love watching the new shades of the season from M.A.C, Estée Lauder and Bobbi Brown. Without forgetting CoiffureMarket which references many beauty brands at low prices.

Black Friday Perfume Deals

Whether you've been faithful to a perfume for years or you like to change according to your moods and desires, Black Friday perfume is the perfect time to shop for your favorite fragrance or one of the latest news of the moment… All obviously, at a reduced price! An opportunity not to be missed!

Black Friday Deals Furniture

Discover all the offers in decoration, furnishings, furnishings: living room, bedding, dining room, carpet, textiles, bathroom and well-being, curtains, lights, garden and terrace ...

Desire to give your facelift inside? Or moving project and we planning? TV stand, sofa, coffee table, designer chairs, curtains, light fixtures, bathroom ... take advantage of Black Friday furniture to do great deals thanks to the crazy discounts on a whole selection of furniture and thus transform your interior into a "home sweet home".

Black Friday Deals Toys & Games

All offers in baby and children's toys, board games, construction toys, outdoor games.

A few weeks before Christmas and other end of year celebrations, there is no better time to enjoy Black Friday games and toys! Lego, Playmobil, board games, small cars, planes, dolls, stuffed animals, disguises ... there will be something for everyone! Impossible then not to satisfy the surrounding children. Santa Claus, it will be you!

Black Friday Deals Sport

All deals on clothing, shoes, equipment, gyms. Running shoes, tennis racket, diving mask, skillfully technical ...

Because sport is part of the daily life of many Swiss and it is essential to be properly equipped, Black Friday sport offers huge discounts on a large selection of sports equipment. The perfect opportunity to renew your running pair or to get back to physical activity in excellent conditions. Go!

Black Friday Deals Watches & Jewelry

The Black Friday deals of watches (sport, casual or more chic model) and jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings ...

Who does not want to take advantage of incredible discounts to afford a watch or / and a coveted piece of jewelry? Or even to give, who knows? Ring, necklace, earring, bracelets, pendants, watches… Black Friday watches and jewelry announces incredible deals and promotions. Do not miss this opportunity to make monster deals!

Black Friday Deals Travel, Tourism and Airline Deals

All the offers of plane tickets, hotels, tourist activities, to travel cheaper at Black Friday prices What could be more inspiring than the cold of November to prepare your next vacation in the sun? Want to give yourself a little trip? Or maybe you want exoticism?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you are in the right place since the whole team of blackfriday.ch has moved heaven and earth to reveal to you here what is best in the offers in terms of plane tickets, hotels or even tourist activities with Black Friday travel.

Black Friday in the Sun? This is a unique opportunity to book your flights or your Hotel at extraordinary prices. The only drawback is that you have to decide quickly! Easyjet recorded last year a spectacular demand in Switzerland in 2017 with its “Orange Friday” one day only discount available on their site on a series of destinations in Europe, departing from Geneva and Zurich. Air France, Luftansa, and others who will likely offer exclusive deals for the occasion. We will notify you as soon as we know more.

What is the best Black Friday website?

blackfriday.ch of course 😉 We exclusively offer certain promotional offers that merchants entrust to us. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive them in preview.

What are the good plans for Black Friday in Switzerland?

All product categories will be available for promotions during Black Friday in Switzerland: electronics, fashion, beauty, automotive. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive tips from your city and your favorite brands.

3 reasons not to miss Black Friday 2024


After all that you have just read, we doubt that you necessarily need additional reasons not to miss this shopping appointment. But to dispel any doubt, here is why you must be in the present on Friday, November 24th:

1. Because there are crazy offers!

Have you always dreamed of giving yourself the latest smartphone? A drone ? 4K TV? To redo your dressing room? To offer you a great sound system? Or an ultra-technical winter jacket to be well equipped this winter? Black Friday in Switzerland offers you this unique opportunity: being able to offer yourself, or offer, the object of your lust at a reduced price. It will be really unfortunate to miss such an opportunity, don't you think?

2. Because it only happens once a year!

It’s not like the traditional sales that happen twice a year, or even the one-off sales that are frequent; the Swiss Black Friday has only happened once in twelve months. It is also for this reason that the offers of the different shops are really, but really, unmistakable and the promotions far beyond what you can expect.

3. Because it's a few days away from Christmas!

This year, Black Friday 2024 is scheduled for November 29th, just a month before Christmas and other holiday celebrations. It would be a shame not to take advantage of all these discounts to spoil your loved ones, don't you think?