MAC Black Friday Switzerland

MAC Black Friday Switzerland

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M. A. C Cosmétics was founded in 1984 and was primarily intended for beauty professionals. Faced with strong consumer demand, the last duo M. A. C. - Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo launched their mainstream line. The success was dazzling and immediate. Even the stars love M. A. C.

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When is MAC Black Friday ?

MAC has kept its participation in Black Friday 2023 in Switzerland ultra secret, so everything is possible for the 2024 edition. At the moment, we hope that MAC will plan its commercial events of "Schwarzen Freitag" November 29th, 2024, but it is also possible that the event takes shape a few days in advance. The discounts will be revealed at the last moment, we will keep you informed as soon as we know more.

What MAC Black Friday 2024 deals in Switzerland?

The MAC brand remains discreet about the deals that it will offer this year in 2024. We think that it is possible that the brand will participate and if that is the case, we cannot predict what deals you can expect. Our team has noted that at each new edition and for several years now, new stores and brands have launched their Black Friday operation for the first time in Switzerland. Generally the discounted deals range between -15% and -70% depending on the stocks chosen by MAC in particular on beauty and wellness products! Intensive shopping guaranteed end of November 2024, get ready today!

And the MAC Cyber Monday?

Will MAC participate in Cyber Monday this year? Following the end of Black Friday the next Monday, our team found that if the brand offers Black Friday Deals, there is a high chance for Cyber Monday deals to be also offered. We cross our fingers so that you can continue to make great deals throughout the Cyber Week in Switzerland in the beauty and wellness category. MAC promotional deals will surely be similar to those of Friday, but sometimes it's a surprise! Our email alerts are there to help you.

A Singles Day for MAC in Switzerland this year?

Singles Day is a new day of sales of Chinese origin. It is still too early to tell you if MAC will participate. One thing is certain, its date is the same every year: November 11th. Last year, dozens of brands took part in Switzerland, with some nice deals. For MAC it would be beauty and wellness at a low price to celebrate singles shopping. Will you find your deal a few days before Black Friday? More information as soon as we know more.

The best MAC Black Friday Deals 2024

Find exclusively on all the deals of Black Friday 2024. It is on this page that we will try to display the best MAC Black Friday Deals in Switzerland when they are available. You will need to act quickly because on the one hand the brands rarely provide any details before the event and on the other hand because the promotions last only a few days. While waiting for the shopping event, sign up for our Black Friday shopping alerts by email.

MAC Black Friday in Switzerland, Save the Date:

  • Singles Day MAC 2024: Monday 11th November 2024
  • Black Friday MAC 2024: Friday 29th November 2024
  • Cyber Monday MAC 2024: Monday 2nd December 2024