What exactly is Singles' Day?

Singles' Day, like Black Friday, is a promotional day that takes place all over the world. Initially originating in Asia, this little brother of Black Friday is gradually developing and conquering more and more brands each year. Without matching the promotions of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Singles' Day brings its share of opportunities with very interesting discounts.


Which shops are participating in Singles' Day in Switzerland?

It's difficult to say who is participating in Singles' Day in Switzerland as the event is still in its infancy. Every year we see more and more shops entering the dance of promotions and incredible discounts. We can already tell you that Manor or Estée Lauder were part of the event in 2021, that Ochsner Shoes made its first edition last year and that beauty and cosmetic products are in the spotlight during 1 day with Estée Lauder, Clarins, L'Occitane, Bobbi Brown or MAC


What is the date of Singles' Day 2022?

Although Singles' Day was originally an ode to singles, it is in China that the event originated. There, the symbol of the individual is the number 1, also a symbol of celibacy. So to keep things simple, Singles' Day is a repetition of the number 1. That's why Singles' Day always takes place on the same date, November 11, which is 11.11. This year it will be a Friday, November 11.


What are the promotions during Singles' Day 2022 in Switzerland?

With the number 11 as a symbol, there are many discounts that revolve around this value. In 2021, Media Markt offered an 11% discount on the entire site. Manor offered an 11% discount that could be combined with an additional 11% discount with the Manor card. This means a total discount of 22% for lucky Manor card holders. As well as Ochsner Shoes, which for its first participation in 2021 offered a 22% discount on all articles.


The Singles' Day 2022 discounts in Switzerland, news or fiction?

The news is that the Singles' Day discounts in Switzerland are really worth it. Of course, the discounts are not as big as those of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but as we are not talking about the same products and the same public, we can consider that Singles' Day brings its share of good deals while waiting for the end of the month with Black Friday 2022 and its little 'connected' brother Cyber Monday 2022.

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