What exactly is Singles Day?

"Singles' Day" is a commercial event originating in China, celebrated on November 11 ("11.11") each year. This day was designed as a sort of counter-party to Valentine's Day, intended to celebrate singleness. Over time, it has evolved into a massive day of promotions and discounts, often compared to Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. The choice of the date, November 11 (11/11), symbolizes single individuals (the number 1).

In China, Singles' Day was popularized by the e-commerce giant Alibaba and has become the most important online shopping day in the world, surpassing Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in terms of sales. Total. This shopping day is characterized by huge promotions and significant discounts on many e-commerce and marketplace sites.

After the success of the 2023 edition, it is a safe bet that Singles' Day 2024 in Switzerland will generate greater enthusiasm from brands and distributors with a greater number of participations and even higher expectations among consumers.

Singles' Day in Switzerland

In Switzerland, as in many other countries, Singles' Day is gaining popularity. Although its impact is not as massive as in China, many Swiss online merchants and brands participate in this event by offering special promotions and discounts. This gives Swiss consumers the opportunity to take advantage of great deals on a variety of products, ranging from electronics to fashion, and everything in between.

Singles' Day in Switzerland has grown in importance in recent years, with more and more stores participating in the operation. Brands like Manor, Estée Lauder and Ochsner Shoes offered special discounts on Singles' Day. Singles' Day promotions are often inspired by the number 1, so it's common to find discounts of 11% at many retailers.

When is Singles Day 2024 in Switzerland?

If the date of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday is conditioned on Thanksgiving and changes each year, things are different for Singles' Day which takes place every year on the same date. It is to exploit the symbolism of the number 1 that the date of Singles' Day was set on November 11 every year. This event marks the start of the Black November prom.
Black Week, that is to say the week before Black Friday, will start from November 20 and end on Cyber ​​Monday 2024, i.e. Monday December 2. Which means that Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland will take place on Friday November 29 this year.

Who takes part in Singles Day Switzerland?

In 2023, several Swiss merchants and brands participated in Singles' Day. Although specific Singles' Day promotions tend to be announced at the last minute, brands that have historically participated can be expected to continue to do so. Here are some examples of participants in Switzerland during previous editions of Singles' Day, who are likely to have also participated in 2023:

  • Manor: Offering special discounts, like 11%+11% discounts with the Manor card.
  • Estée Lauder: Offering up to 33% off select items.
  • Ochsner Shoes: Offering 11% off shoes and accessories.
  • Media Markt: Regularly participating with various offers.
  • Cosmetic brands: Like Clarins, MAC, Bobbi Brown and L’Occitane en Provence.
  • Yverdon Spa: Offering special offers on tickets.

Each year, new merchants join the Singles' Day shopping event, expanding the range of products and services offered. Promotional offers are generally aligned with the theme of the number "1", reflecting the date of Singles' Day (11/11). Note that it is increasingly common to see these offers not only in online stores, but also in store windows in cities such as Geneva, Lausanne, Bern, Zurich and others.

What are Singles Day deals?

If we don't yet know the Singles' Day 2024 offers in Switzerland, it's easy to imagine what will happen this year. Indeed, Singles' Day promotions typically cover a wide range of product categories, reflecting the diversity of consumers' interests and retailers' strategy to appeal to everyone. From high-tech to travel, here are some product categories typically covered by Singles' Day offers in Switzerland:

  • High-Tech: you will find offers including computers, smartphones, game consoles (like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo), and televisions (4K, 8K OLED). Popular brands like Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Philips, Sony, as well as retailers like Media Markt, Melectronics, Fnac, and Interdiscount often offer discounts.
  • Beauty: this is the flagship category of Singles' Day with actions on perfumes, makeup, cosmetics, facial and body care. Retailers like Marionnaud or Sephora and brands such as Clarins, Estée Lauder, L'Occitane, Bobbi Brown, Mac and Clinique usually participate in the event.
  • Fashion, Shoes and Accessories: one of the most popular categories. Offers can include clothing, shoes, bags, jeans, suits, evening dresses, and more. The biggest retailers like Snipes, About You, H&M, Desigual, Asos, Ochsner Shoes, Puma, La Redoute and Mango are often there.

But Singles' Day offers are growing more and more each year to cover new categories such as sport with promotions on sports equipment and clothing, or items for outdoor activities. We will look at interior and garden decoration to find low prices on furniture, decoration, gardening tools and much more. If household appliances, watches and jewelry and games and toys are also there, it is at the end of November, during Black Week, that the promotions are the most interesting. Finally, Singles' Day is also an opportunity to find low prices in the tourism and travel sector with offers on stays, flights, excursions and cultural activities.

These categories illustrate the wide variety of products and services covered by Singles' Day discounts. Proof that the event has become a global shopping day attracting various market segments in the same way as Black Friday 2024 or Cyber ​​Monday.

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