What day is Black Friday 2019?

You probably already know it, but it’s always good to repeat some things: Black Friday is planned after Thanksgiving, the 4th Friday of November.

This year, Black Friday 2019 in Switzerland will take place on Friday, November 29, 2019. Mark this date in red pen in your diary.

Black Friday 2019, the shopping occasion for bargain hunters

Black Friday has gradually settled in our confederation to become a genuine shopping occasion. For a whole day, a multitude of products from all areas are offered at unbelievable prices thanks to discounts and reductions. There is fashion, beauty, high-tech but also home appliances and interior decoration and furnishings. In short, everything we could need.

Last year’s Black Friday Switzerland was a huge success. Both in terms of the number of offers and the demand from consumers. We predict an even crazier Black Friday 2019!

When is Black Friday?

An American tradition, Black Friday is the day after the turkey of the famous Thanksgiving holiday. And if you’re a fan of the Friends series, you know it’s on the fourth Thursday of November. Every year, this day of shopping with breathtaking promotions is a delight for fans of great deals. Especially since it sets the “launch” for end of year shopping. The perfect opportunity to spoil all your loved ones – including you obviously – at a lower cost.

The month of November is definitely a shopping month! Before Black Friday, another day precedes it; the Singles Day. One more day for keen and eager shoppers to make their purchases!

Black Friday 2019 dates

Black Friday 2019 is set for November 29th. And not to miss the next editions of Black Friday Switzerland, we also give you their dates:

  • Black Friday 2020: Friday 27th November 2020
  • Black Friday 2021: Friday 26th November 2021
  • Black Friday 2022: Friday 25th November 2022

At what time does Black Friday Start?

For some online stores, Black Friday starts at midnight on the previous Thursday night. As for the stores they start their Black Friday at the opening of their doors, between 8am and 10am, according to their standard opening hours.

This is obviously the question that all the bargains hunters ask themselves. And for good reason because, like us, you obviously want to be in the front row to be able to make your choice and enjoy the huge range of Black Friday offers.

But let’s be honest: if we refer to Black Friday 2018, this shopping celebration starts much earlier. Indeed, some stores start the festivities the week of Black Friday. Thus, it is not uncommon to see gigantic Black Friday promotions from the Monday before Black Friday. This was the case for Laurastar, Conforama, Yallo, La Praille shopping center and Ochsner Shoes. To not miss the Black Friday bargains of 2019 or even miss the launch of trading, sign up for our newsletter.

During the previous year while some brands were well behaved by unveiling their offers on Thursday night at midnight, others hit hard. If you were at the party, you certainly had not missed the promotions and incredible discounts of some brands that started the Monday before Black Friday Switzerland. A crazy Black Week that had seduced diehards bargain hunters.

How long does Black Friday 2019 last?

Like Cyber Monday and Singles Day, Black Friday lasts only one day! This is why you should not miss this shopping event. In some online stores Black Friday discounts and promotions are announced at midnight. In others, it’s necessary to wait for the shops’ opening hours. And you can be sure, many stores and stores are offering mind-blowing discounts up to 80% on a single day of shopping with crazy promotions.

Black Friday 2018, flash back

  • Manor: -30% on women and men Fashion, Beauty and Make-up, Toys, Kids fashion, writing materials, household goods and -10% on Multimedia und Electronics articles.
  • Media Markt: Insane discounts on a huge selection of TVs, smartphones, but also Samsung soundbars, game consoles …
  • Clarins: -30% on a great range of Skincare and cosmetic products.
  • La Redoute: Totally crazy discounts and special offers on fashion for ladies, children and men, as well as on decoration and furniture.
  • Yallo: Offers that you simply could not be missed, on subscriptions with free iPhone or Samsung.
  • Estée Lauder: The Estée Lauder group offered irresistible discounts on numerous care products, as well as make-up.
  • Nespresso: -52% on coffee machines + 100 CHF discount on Nespresso capsules

Black Friday 2019, our predictions

If you were present at the last Black Friday, you remember the madness! The huge discounts and promotions were on cue for this must-attend shopping event of the year. Guess what? For 2019 we are planning a new record year. Record participants. Record promotions and discounts. Record crowds.

Remember, Manor had extended Black Friday 2018 over 3 days. 3 days of great deals. Fantastic. Right? Three days during which the department store offered 30% on women’s, men’s and children’s fashion but also beauty products & makeup, toys, stationery, home, household and -10% on multimedia and electronic products. The cosmetics brand Clarins obviously participated in the event and offered -30% discount on a wide range of cosmetics and beauty care. To delight any beautysta! La Redoute made a statement during its previous Black Friday by offering crazy discounts and promotions on women’s, children’s and men’s fashion as well as all the decor and furnishings. Believe me, great deals were on cue!

High tech fans were obviously not left out as Media Market and Digitec offered crazy discounts on a very wide choice of TVs, smartphones, but also sound bars, game consoles … Yallo was also of the party and proposed unmissable discounts and promotions on its subscriptions and smartphone.

Coffee lovers also took advantage of Black Friday Switzerland. Last year, Nespresso offered great discounts on its coffee machines as an irresistible promotion on its coffee. As well as la Semeuse.

3 things to know about the last Black Friday Switzerland

Shopping belongs to the ladies

Who said women spend more than men? Well, it’s correct. And the previous Black Friday clearly shows women represent more than half of the Black Friday sales.

Patience, the mother of all the Black Friday virtues

You too, you don’t like to wait? What follows is likely to be unbearable … Two women broke the record for the longest queue for a Black Friday exclusive, 22 days! We really hope that this wait was worth it …

The top 3 Black Friday sales:

  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Television Samsung UE75NU7170 LED-TV
  • Console PS4 Pro – 1 TB HDD

What is Black Friday?

You probably already know it, but Black Friday comes straight from the United States. A shopping event that has gradually gained momentum within our Swiss borders. Today, this day of shopping devoted to discounts and promotions has become an unmissable event for all lovers of bargains. Crazy discounts on fashion, beauty, high-tech without forgetting appliances or decoration and furnishings. In short, everything you could need. If you also participated in the 2018 edition, you know it as well as we do!

Who invented Black Friday?

There so single person who invented Black Friday. This day of crazy promotions was introduced in the 1960s after Thanksgiving in the United States to drive trade and kick off Christmas shopping. Merchants then began to offer absolutely exceptional discounts on the day causing the craze we know it today. Then, little by little, Black Friday crossed the oceans to settle in China and Europe.

Why “Black” Friday? An explanation:

instead of writing their accounts in red ink indicating losses, traders, by getting rid of their stocks, could use black ink.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday. If “Friday” is quite understandable, we can be surprised by the addition of black. There are several explanations on this subject. The first would be related to the color of merchant account books. In deficit, and therefore written in red in their books, the story goes that the accounts became positive during Black Friday so,entries were written in black. Hence Black Friday.

The other explanation is that of the huge traffic jams caused by the Thanksgiving weekend. Faced with this dense crowd, police and taxi drivers would have renamed Friday and Saturday Thanskgiving – Black Friday and Black Saturday.

What is vendredi noir?

This is simply the French translation of Black Friday. Vendredi Noir is the other name given to this day of crazy promotions and discounts that is Black Friday.

Black Friday in numbers

Year after year, the success of Black Friday is gaining momentum. Today, a genuine shopping event of the year, Black Friday has found its place in the calendar of events not to be missed under any circumstances. The proof in absolutely staggering numbers!


This is the number of products ordered on Amazon during the Black Friday event.

350 Million

The amount in CHF spent during the Black Week 2018. 120 million Swiss francs were spent on Black Friday, and 30 million on Cyber Monday according to our estimates.

50 Million

This is the number of transactions made by credit card on the day of Black Friday 2018 in France.

6.2 Billion

… of CHF generated by last year’s Black Friday in the United States