When is Black Friday 2024?

Black Friday is a sales day that takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. This day has become a tradition in many countries around the world, including Switzerland. The date of Black Friday is the same everywhere. It's always the fourth Friday in November. Although this tradition comes straight from the United States, many countries have adopted this event to make it the biggest shopping event of the year. For retailers, Black Friday is a unique opportunity to offer the lowest prices of the year in Switzerland on a wide range of products and services. This event also marks the kickoff of Christmas shopping. For consumers, Black Friday is the ideal time to take advantage of good deals, equip yourself at a low price or start your end-of-year gift shopping.

What is the date of Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland?

If the origin of Black Friday comes from an American tradition, the countries that have imported this event have kept the same date. Thus, Black Friday 2024 will take place on Friday, November 29th. But for a few years now, we have been witnessing an early start to the operation, as retailers race to see who will start first. That's why, every year, we start seeing the first offers from the preceding Monday, which leads to a whole week of crazy promotions and incredible prices. This period is now known as Black Week. So be ready, because Black Week 2024 has beautiful surprises in store for you.

Black Friday 2024 Switzerland, full of promotions

In Switzerland, Black Friday has long since found its place. The event was inaugurated by Manor in 2015. Very quickly the most famous brands like Media Markt, Interdiscount, Digitec or La Fnac participated in the operation. Today, more than 400 brands and stores offer Black Friday deals during the month of November, otherwise called Black November.

What are the deals of the Swiss Black Friday 2024?

Black Friday has become a commercial operation that attracts more merchants every year. Among the product categories concerned by the Black Friday Switzerland discounts, high-tech and fashion naturally stand out. Indeed, electronic products experience the largest price reductions. It is the ideal time to change your equipment and enjoy the most beautiful brands at low prices. We will take advantage, for example, of the Black Friday laptop offers on the biggest brands like Apple, Dell, Hp or Lenovo. Right after high-tech, fashion is the most discounted sector of Black Friday with the presence of brands such as Nike, Levi's, Hugo Boss, Lacoste or Adidas. Distributors like Snipes, H&M, Zalando, Manor or Sarenza will allow you to enjoy discounts on the most beautiful clothing, footwear, and accessory brands. But over time, the list of Black Friday categories keeps growing. After beauty products, mobile telephony, household appliances, sports, travel, services have made their appearance. We now see Black Friday offers on mobile plans or newspaper subscriptions and other services. Every year, the list of Black Friday categories in Switzerland keeps growing to the point of seeing the most far-fetched products arrive. We regularly update this list and will keep you informed of new entrants.

What are the promotions of Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland?

On the low price side, we see incredible things during Black Friday in Switzerland. And there is a good chance that Black Friday 2024 will be no exception. This is the time of the year when you will find the biggest price drops on many items. Of course, you have to sift through the madness of Black Friday offers, some unscrupulous merchants do not hesitate to offer discounts that are not. However, Black Friday represents a real opportunity to find low prices for those who know how to prepare their purchases. The reductions and promotions of Black Friday Switzerland can go up to more than 70%. While some merchants like Emma Mattress, Samsung or Media Markt offer promotions all year round, Black Friday reductions remain the most significant of the year for everyone, nothing less! For information, and to help you prepare your purchases, here are some examples of promotions that we saw during previous editions of the shopping event in Switzerland:

  • Manor: up to 70% on a selection of fashion products, toys or electronics with the Manor card
  • yallo: - 65% on Swiss Flat subscriptions
  • Odlo: up to 50% on sportswear
  • La Redoute: - 40% on everything
  • Ochsner Shoes: up to 50% discount

You got it, Black Friday Switzerland is full of good deals. The list is way too long to name everyone. That's why our experts work all year round to offer you a selection of the best offers available in Switzerland during the month of November.

What is Black November?

The month of November is rich in commercial events in Switzerland. It must be said that the period is conducive to year-end purchases and Christmas gifts. It is from November 11th, with Singles' Day, that the madness of low prices begins. This event from Asia is, so to speak, the little brother of Black Friday and is starting to be successful in Switzerland among beauty brands like Clarins, Mac, Bobbi Brown, L'Occitane or Estée Lauder. Then comes the Black Week which starts on the Monday just before Black Friday with merchants who broadcast their promotions each year a little earlier to pull out all the stops on Friday, the official day of Black Friday with offers throughout the weekend in-store as well as online. The month of promotions finally ends on the Monday following Black Friday with Cyber Monday Switzerland. An event with offers comparable to Black Friday promotions but which takes place only online, on most merchant websites. As you can see, Black November is a boon for those who want to have fun without breaking the bank. Black November 2024 will therefore be a month full of good deals with Singles' Day 2024, Black Friday 2024, and Cyber Monday 2024. All year round we will continue to give you useful information to prepare your purchases and allow you to take advantage of real good deals.

How to take advantage of the offers of Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland?

The promotions of Black Friday are quite varied and different according to the merchants, the points of sale in-store or online and the product categories. That's why it's important to prepare your purchases. First, to not give in to impulsive buying and buy a product you don't really need. Then to be sure it's a real promotion. For this, you just need to prepare your purchases by establishing a precise list of what you are looking for and what you really need. Moreover, it is essential to compare prices and do some research to know the amount of the proposed reduction, so you are sure to make real savings. Our shopping experts do this work all year round. From Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich via Balexert in Geneva or on the Manor, Brack, Digitec, Galaxus and many other sites, we scan prices and promotions to keep only the best. By registering for email alerts from blackfriday.ch you will receive the best offers of Black Friday Switzerland directly in your mailbox, as soon as they are published.