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    Ochsner Shoes Black Friday Switzerland

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The best of BLACK FRIDAY 2023

Do you love fashion as much as we do? And just like us do you buy more and more, even if the wardrobe is already overflowing? So Black Friday 2023 is the perfect opportunity for you as well as for us to treat yourself to some great bargains in fashion! The biggest shops and brands are present at the rendez-vous: Manor, La Redoute, H&M, Ochsner Shoes ... So that you don't miss anything, you've come to the right place!

5 must-have pieces for fall

As in every season, there are bound to be essential or timeless pieces in the wardrobe. has listed 5 for you.

  • The trench coat

A real must in fall wardrobe: the trench coat. Created over 100 years ago by Thomas Burberry, this coat has gone from a military garment to a fashion piece that all fashionistas are snatching up. It must be admitted that the trench coat has this undeniable advantage: it can be worn on any occasion and goes to all body types.

  • The white shirt

Worn on any occasion, with anything, the white shirt is an "hit" of the wardrobe whether in spring, winter, spring or summer. And there are countless ways to wear it: tied at the waist, oversize, open collar and rolled up sleeves ... In short, the white shirt is undoubtedly a basic wardrobe that dresses in no time!

  • The Leather jeans

We take the same and start again ! Piece seen and reviewed last year, leather jeans (or imitation) is back this season! You can wear it with an XXL knitted sweater or an XL teddy.

  • The long floral dress

Who said that the floral motif is only worn during the summer? Worn with a pair of boots or tall boots, the long floral dress is ideal for fall. What do we love about this room? Its bohemian side. Good news, floral prints are furiously fashionable this season!

  • The ski sweater

This is the same sweater you hated as a kid, but that is back in fashion. Let yourself be tempted by this one which goes very well with boyfriend denim, a little black skirt and why not, leather jeans?

And what about morphology?

Just because you have a crush on a piece of clothing doesn't mean it is for you. It must be adapted to your morphology and highlight your strengths. That is to say ?

  • The inverted triangle morphology

Quite the opposite of the triangle morphology, the shoulders are developed, the hips and the buttocks small. A bit of a swimmer's body in fact. In this case, it is advisable to avoid putting too much emphasis on the shoulders and to opt for volume at the waist like skirts or trapeze dresses.

  • The morphology in O

The morphology in O is a morphology called "pulpy". If oversize is to be avoided in order not to fatten the silhouette, the wrap-around shape or those that mark the waist like the high waist for example, are recommended.

  • The morphology in H

The shoulders and hips are roughly the same size and the waist is unmarked. We say yes to flared & trapeze dresses, and to the tall sizes that mark the waist.

  • The triangle morphology

The shoulders are narrow and the hips wide. In this case, it is good to focus on the shoulders and refine the legs.

The morphology in 8

The shoulders, bust and hips are approximately the same size and the waist is marked. How lucky you are, everything suits you!

With all these tips, you are definitely ready to splurge (reasonable) thanks to Black Friday 2023 fashion!