DeinDeal Black Friday Switzerland

DeinDeal Black Friday Switzerland

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Deindeal Black Friday, a platform entirely dedicated to shopping that allows you to find inspiration among the biggest brands, and during the Black Friday 2024 Deindeal, find exclusive offers on many product categories.

Receive directly by email the best 2024 promotions selected by our teams

Receive directly by email the best 2024 promotions selected by our teams

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When’s the Black Friday DeinDeal?

DeinDeal will participate in the Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland? Scheduled for November 29th, 2024, we expect the brand to participate this year. The launch date for DeinDeal’s commercial actions will only be known at the last moment and the whole team will do its best to keep you informed. It is possible that the brand will start Black Friday Deals operations a few days in advance during Black Friday Week. This is the case more and more these last few years so stay tuned!

Which Black Friday Deals Black Friday DeinDeal 2024 in Switzerland?

The DeinDeal brand remains discreet about the deals it will offer this year 2024. We think it’s possible that the brand may be involved and if so, we can guess which deals you can expect at the moment. Our team has been able to observe that with each new edition, and this for a few years now, new shops and brands are launching their Black Friday operation for the first time in Switzerland. Usually the discount actions are between -15% and -70% depending on the stocks chosen by DeinDeal, especially on fashion products and accessories! Intensive shopping guaranteed at the end of November 2024, get ready today!

What about DeinDeal’s Cyber Monday?

Will DeinDeal participate in Cyber Monday this year? Following and end of Black Friday the following Monday, our team has identified that if the retailer offers Black Friday Deals, there is a good chance that Cyber Monday will be there. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that you’ll be able to continue to make good deals throughout Cyber Week in Switzerland in the fashion and accessories category. At DeinDeal the promotional actions will surely be similar to those of Friday, but sometimes it’s a surprise! Our email alerts are there to help you.

The best Deals DeinDeal 2024

If DeinDeal confirms its 2024 participation in Switzerland, we will share most of the 2024 Black Friday Deals on this page if it entrusts them to us in advance. We’ll have to be quick because most shops rarely talk about them before the date, but also because the discounts don’t last, just one day, a few days at best. While waiting for the big shopping moment of the year, you can subscribe to our email alerts to receive the news in real time.


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