What is Singles' Day?

Singles' Day is, so to speak, the Asian little brother of Black Friday. Indeed, while Black Friday originated in the 1960s in the United States, Singles' Day originated in China in the 1990s.

Singles' Day, or Guanggun Jie, is an annual Chinese shopping event that takes place on 11 November each year. The holiday began in 1993 as a celebration of celibacy, but has since become a major business event, popular with young people.

In 2009, Alibaba began using the holiday to promote its online platforms, offering discounts and special deals. The event was a great success, and Alibaba quickly became the leader in online sales in China.

By 2013, the holiday had become an international phenomenon, with over 27.4 billion yuan ($4.3 billion) in sales.
In recent years, Singles' Day has become the world's largest online shopping event, with sales exceeding US$30 billion in 2018. Companies such as Apple, Nike and Uniqlo have all started offering discounts and promotions for the holiday. In addition, physical shops have jumped on the bandwagon by offering special discounts and promotions for shoppers.

Today, Singles' Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is an opportunity for people to enjoy a day of shopping and discounts. Whether it's to give a gift to someone special or just to treat yourself.

When is Singles' Day 2023 in Switzerland?

While the date of Black Friday may change from year to year, Singles' Day is a different matter.  Because Singles' Day is traditionally celebrated on the 11th of November, the number 1 is always the symbol for the event, which is why Singles' Day always takes place on the same date every year. Thus, this gives us 11.11 as the date of the event, the repetition of the number 1 in this date is a symbol for all Chinese singles. The event has therefore kept the same date in all countries where it is celebrated.

What are the Singles' Day 2023 promotions in Switzerland?

This is another question that is difficult to answer in advance. Most of the merchants participating in the operation have the habit of revealing their actions at the last moment. However, we can easily look back at previous editions of Singles' Day in Switzerland to get an idea of the types of discounts you can find on that day. 

Here are some examples:

  • Manor: 11%+11% discount with the Manor card
  • Estée Lauder: up to 33% off selected items
  • Ochsner Shoes: 11% off shoes and accessories

As you can see, most Singles' Day promotions are inspired by the number 1, so it's common to find 11% off at many retailers

Who is participating in Singles' Day 2023 in Switzerland?

The event has been growing in importance in Switzerland for the past three years. That's why every year the list of participating shops keeps growing. For example, Ochsner Shoes participated for the first time in 2021. Media Markt is a regular participant, as well as cosmetics brands such as Clarins, MAC, Bobbi Brown and L'Occitane en Provence. In 2022, we even saw offers on tickets for the Yverdon Spa. You can take a look at our shop pages to see if the brand has a history of offering promotions on SIngles' Day in Switzerland, and if so, it's a good bet that the merchant will be back again this year

Where to find the best Singles' Day 2023 deals in Switzerland?

On blackfriday.ch of course 😉 ! If the event finds its place in the online shops of the participating brands and retailers, it is increasingly common to see the shop windows in Geneva, Lausanne, Bulle, Bern, Zürich, Nyon, Lucerne or Fribourg. As the offers have a limited lifespan, usually only 1 day, you need to be methodical and patient to find the bargain you are looking for. That's why we've put together a selection of the best offers from our partners for SIngles' Day 2023.

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