Who is behind blackfriday.ch?

The blackfriday.ch project, the blackfriday.ch team … we unveil the details of this platform entirely dedicated to Black Friday Switzerland.

Swiss Black Friday

The blackfriday.ch project

blackfriday.ch is evolution of swiss.blackfriday the first web portal launched in 2015. Since the creation of blackfriday.ch, interest in Black Friday has been growing steadily every year. The notoriety but also the expertise of the platform allowed it to reach more than 500,000 visits in 2017 and more than 1 Million in 2018.

Blackfriday.ch is the first media outlet dedicated to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Single’s Day promotions in Switzerland available in 4 languages: German, French, Italian and English. Our mission? Boost shopping in Switzerland with a platform entirely dedicated to discounts and Black Friday events. Easy to use, convenient for consumers as well as e-retailers, Swiss shops and boutiques.

When Black Friday arrived in Switzerland, it was Manor, the first major brand, that opened it to all. With so much success among brands, distributors and consumers, more and more brands joined the movement.

We are a team of e-commerce experts, designers, developers, consultants and journalists, passionate about innovative shopping and e-commerce. And even though Black Friday is a controversial subject because it disrupts the rhythms of online commerce and shops, we are convinced that it is a real opportunity for businesses, e-commerce and stores. And more than ever, we believe that the Swiss retail trade needs new periods, events, energy and shopping experiences to reinvent itself and grow #lessoldescestout. From this belief blackfriday.ch was born, the official portal of Black Friday in Switzerland. The purpose of this platform? Develop business in Switzerland, in the city and online.


Team blackfriday.ch
François Benveniste

Co-founder - Tech Architect

An INSA engineer, François worked in digital production for several years at Pixmania, the leading marketplace in France. He’s also a Web Architect and Digital Strategist, and today he works for a large digital communication agency based in Geneva, Details.

Jérôme Amoudruz

Co-founder - Sales et Marketing

With the advantage of 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Jérôme helps Swiss and international brands thrive in the digital world and was recently made CEO of a media company in Latin America. He is also an investor and member of the board of two start-ups.

Jennifer Delattre

Brand Content Manager

With a degree in journalism, Jennifer enjoys narration. After several years as a fashion journalist for one of the main media outlets of the company Webedia, she supports different companies and brands in their communication strategy via editorial content.

Julia Hess

German Editor

Julia is a German native and began her career in the early 2000s at Pixmania, a leader in e-commerce, in charge of managing the brand’s content and products, including their translation for the DACH markets.

Arik Schwartz

Art Director

Arik is a senior art director and had started his long career in the important advertising sector. Very creative and well versed in TV advertising, he speaks five languages and has won numerous awards for his work.

Mickael Vieira

Chief Tech Developer

Mickael is a passionate developer who pays great attention to detail and has an eye for good design. He worked several years for different advertising agencies to develop campaigns and web portals for brands and e-commerce.

How does blackfriday.ch work?

Initially, Swiss brands, major retailers and distributors post their Black Friday deals on the dedicated shop pages of the blackfriday.ch platform. Subsequently, consumers surf these simply and freely to discover all the offers. When they are interested in a deal or promotion, they are then redirected to the corresponding e-commerce sites.

The goal of blackfriday.ch is to bring together on one platform all the best Black Friday deals of retailers and big brands to fulfill the wishes of consumers fond of bargains.

Brands, e-commerce and distributors can sponsor the promotion of their offers on the platform blackfriday.ch. If you want more information, you can contact our sales department: [email protected]