When is Black Friday 2018 ?


Immediately mark Friday, November 23, 2018 in your calendar. It’s Black Friday in Switzerland like everywhere else in the world. As you may have noticed by the name, this is an American tradition that takes place on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Every year, major brands such as Clarins, Digitec, Media Market, H & M, Manor, Globus… offer discounts to drive you crazy ! And just a few days before the end of the year celebrations, we say that this is really the right time to spoil all your loved ones by saving expenses.

And good news never comes alone, remember that if, “despite your best intentions”, you miss Black Friday, you still have a chance to catch up. How? Thanks to the Cyber Monday which takes place the following Monday, 26th November this year. And on that day, we recommend you really not miss the day because the next catch-up session will be next year, not before …

What time does Black Friday start ?

Officially, Black Friday starts on Friday, November 23 from 00:01 and lasts 24 hours. But just between us, it starts much earlier for several brands. “So how do you know ? ” you ask ? It’s very simple: by registering for blackfriday.ch mail alerts of course ! The whole team has been in warrior mode for several months to track down all, absolutely all, the good brand deals. Big or small shops, brands well known or not … at blackfriday.ch you will find your happiness. You have our word. You can already prepare for the next Black Fridays, so as not to miss out. Note that the next editions will take place :

  • Black Friday 2019: Friday 29. November
  • Black Friday 2020: Friday 27. November
  • Black Friday 2021: Friday 26. November
  • Black Friday 2022: Friday 25. November

How to prepare for this big event ?

We are not going to lie, Black Friday is so successful that it is better for the clever shopper to be well prepared. But don’t worry, it’s not an obstacle course either. It will make your life a lot easier if you already have an idea of what you want to buy. If you act on a whim, you’ll need to show “wisdom”: the discounts are so appealing, you’ll need to be a little reasonable so you don’t buy everything in sight. If you don’t really know how to organize yourself, we suggest you write a list of everything that you would like to buy for yourself or even set yourself a budget. If you want more information on the preparation of this mad shopping day, blackfriday.ch has prepared a much more complete article on the subject.

What are the discounts for this Black Friday 2018 ?

That’s a bit like the one million dollar question you’re asking yourself. At blackfriday.ch we obviously have an idea, but we cannot reveal it for now, you understand ? We’ll let the suspense rise, but don’t worry, you’ll be notified soon enough. What we can already tell you however, is that Black Friday 2018 will be even more impressive than the past edition. And last year’s partners will share in the celebrations.

We especially anticipate Manor, and its discounts that are very very appealing. Media Markt, which last year extended its Black Friday over three days thus allowing for even more great deals. Last year, the brand had discounts of 30% to 40%, fingers are crossed that this 2018 edition is just as interesting – which would allow us to fall for a new HDTV or a drone. Zalando, the big e-commerce site well known to shopaholics, will certainly offer incredible discounts, as usual. Will Apple offer its MacBook, iPhone, iPad or iPod at reduced prices once again for Black Friday ?

Tick tock, tick tock … the big day is getting closer and closer. And the list of participants is getting longer every day. Not to mention discounts and promotions that are more and more appealing each year. So what are you doing on Friday, November 23, 2018 ?


What is Black Friday ?

What ? Don’t you know Black Friday ? But how do you get great deals then ? To simplify, we could say that Black Friday is like the 3rd markdown of sales at a very fast pace since it takes place on a single day … in theory at least as for some time, the brands and trade names extend the celebration to allow even more great deals. Which is far from displeasing to us to be quite honest.

The origins of Black Friday date back to the 1930s in the United States. The story of Black Friday was that it was established the Friday before Thanksgiving and it is a day of promotions devoted to shopping by offering incredible discounts! Since then, Black Friday has become the start of end of year shopping, allowing your first purchases to start with great promotions. A great tradition on the other side of the Atlantic, the day of Black Friday is even a holiday, marking the importance of the event.


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