There are two small differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Traditionally, if Black Friday in Switzerland lasted a single day, the labels and brands extended the party to last several days. Manor proposed “3 Special Black Fridays” and offered Black Friday over three days and the La Redoute site offered a whole week! Cyber Monday only lasts 24 hours. 

Cyber Monday is an unmissable shopping event. It allows even more great deals. And if you are like us and you never get enough, you will not miss this opportunity!

Whereas Black Friday takes place in the stores as well as online, Cyber Monday is mostly e-businesses. No need to go out since all sales are made on the Internet. Which between us is rather convenient.

Last year, just before the start of Cyber Monday, the computer company Adobe had predicted $6.6 billion in total spending worldwide during this online shopping day. A mind-boggling sum making this big day the largest online sales day in the history of the web. And rightly so.

When is Cyber Monday 2024 ?

Black Friday 2024 is over, hooray for Cyber Monday 2024 ! If you thought the bargain hunting was over with the end of Black Friday, you’re wrong. Scheduled on the Monday following Black Friday, this new shopping event gives you the opportunity to enjoy new discounts while staying comfortably at home! You’ll see, this year, the Cyber Monday 2024 takes place on Monday, December 02nd, 2024 in Switzerland, as everywhere else in the world.

This last day of offers also sounds like the very last opportunity for you, and all Swiss cybernauts, to grab the discounts available just before Christmas and other end of year holidays. But beware: after this date, it will definitely be over and we will have to wait until next year …

History and origin of Cyber Monday?

Unlike Black Friday, the history and origins of Cyber Monday are much more recent. Just to let you know, the name and idea were imagined in 2005 by a marketing team of the site The publication, in which the concept of “Cyber Monday appeared for the first time, was titled “‘Cyber Monday’ Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”.

The idea of this new day devoted to great deals? To bring shopping fans to shop more on the net rather than in the stores that had experienced record turnout for Black Friday. Bingo! Since that day, and thanks to ever more appealing discounts and events offered by brands, distributors and other labels, online sales have exploded on Cyber Monday.

3 reasons not to miss Cyber Monday

Crazy discounts. Incredible offers. Do you really need reasons to convince yourself not to miss Cyber Monday 2024 in Switzerland? When in doubt, the team gives you 3 reasons to be in front of your laptop on Monday December 02, 2024 so as not to miss this online event.

You save time and get even more great deals

Look: Since all Cyber Monday discounts and promotions are exclusively online, you no longer need to run around and visit shops. In addition to saving energy, online shopping allows you to get more great deals in a much shorter time than traditional shopping. So you get more bargains by being comfortably seated where you are and in the least amount of time. It’s really a win win, isn’t it?

The online shops slash their prices

When Black Friday is over, Cyber Monday takes the lead. This is a day during which businesses and stores offer their latest online discounts. A last opportunity to clear their sales in any way. Are you reading between the lines? This means that this is an opportunity for you to do even better deals through promotions and unmissable offers. Get ready!

This is your last chance to enter promotions

If you missed the Black Friday 2024 in Switzerland, Cyber Monday 2024 is your last chance to catch up on bargain hunting. Another opportunity will not be repeated so soon. And then, perhaps we are repeating ourselves, but so close to end of year celebrations, it would be a shame to miss the boat and miss out on great deals. Don’t you think ?