Teleboy Black Friday Switzerland

Teleboy Black Friday Switzerland

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Teleboy offers 140 TV channels, including 67 in HD quality on the internet, mobile devices and Samsung televisions. The company in the hands of Cinergy claims in an e-mail sent to the weekend an unrivaled image quality. Find Teleboy also in application on your mobile.

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When is Teleboy Black Friday ?

Will Teleboy participate in Black Friday 2023 in Switzerland? Scheduled on November 24th, 2023, we expect the brand to participate this year. The launch date of Teleboy's commercial events will only be known at the last moment and the whole team will do their best to keep you informed. It is possible that the brand starts Black Friday Deals a few days in advance, it is becoming more common in recent years so stay connected!

What Teleboy Black Friday 2023 deals in Switzerland?

Will the Teleboy brand unveil Black Friday Deals for the 2023 Edition? The suspense is tangible. In general, reductions in stores in Switzerland range from -15% to -70%. Our team has noted that for several years now, new stores and brands launch their Black Friday deals for the first time and others give up. If Teleboy participates this year, it remains to be seen what products and stock will be offered especially in the smartphone and subscription plan category! Express shopping guaranteed for end of November 2023.

And the Teleboy Cyber Monday?

It is likely that Teleboy is participating in Cyber Monday this year in Switzerland. A clear continuation and extension of the Black Friday the following Monday, our team noticed that if the brand participates in Black Friday, there is 90% chance that it also participates in Cyber Monday. For now, we can only guess at what you can expect for Cyber Week in the smartphone and subscription plan category. The discounts will certainly be of the same order of magnitude as those of Friday, but sometimes it's a surprise! Our email alerts are there for that.

A Singles Day for Teleboy in Switzerland this year?

Singles Day is a new promotional event and it is still too early to comment on Teleboy's participation. The event of Chinese origin is on a regular date: every November 11th. Last year, about 30 brands took part in this singles shopping day in Switzerland with a few products on sale. Will you find your pre Black Friday happiness in the smartphone and subscription plan category with a nice price? We'll tell you more soon.

The best Teleboy Black Friday Deals 2023

Find exclusively on all the deals of Black Friday 2023. It is on this page that we will try to display the best Teleboy Black Friday Deals in Switzerland when they are available. You will need to act quickly because on the one hand the brands rarely provide any details before the event and on the other hand because the promotions last only a few days. While waiting for the shopping event, sign up for our Black Friday shopping alerts by email.

Teleboy Black Friday in Switzerland, Save the Date:

  • Teleboy Black Friday 2023: Friday 24th November 2023
  • Teleboy Cyber Monday 2023: Monday 27th November 2023
  • Teleboy Single's Day 2023: Saturday 11th November 2023