Cancel everything you’ve planned to do on Friday, November 29th and reserve it for Black Friday 2020! All your favorite Swiss shops will be at the party, all we need is you!

SAVE THE DATE: 29. November 2019!
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Black Friday in Switzerland

What’s at stake? Crazy discounts and unmissable offers on countless products in high tech, home appliances, smartphones, fashion, cosmetics … And obviously, throughout Switzerland: Geneva to Lugano via Lausanne, Bern and Zurich.


If we told you that has partnered with hundreds of shops and boutiques in Switzerland for Black Friday, what would you say? H&M, Media Markt, Sarenza, Zara … all the best deals from your favorite shops will be here. Do not miss any of the Black Friday Switzerland discounts, this is where you should be and nowhere else. We remember that the 2017 edition was an opportunity for Conforama, Caran d’Ache, Media Markt, Manor and many others to offer crazy discounts for the first time. This year, we already know they will participate in the event and offer much more attractive offers. We hope you will be there to enjoy it.

Manor, Media Markt, Migros, Clarins, Dolce Gusto, Sarenza, Conforama, Dell, Dyson, H&M, … You probably cannot imagine how much energy the team has deployed to get you the best deals from the best shops for Black Friday Switzerland! Because our happiness, comes from your happiness – yes, we are altruistic at Each year the discounts are more and more crazy allowing shopping fans to get so much more without risking bankruptcy. It’s the “magic” of Black Friday! Remember that many shops start their promotions much earlier and for longer. Great news if you want to enjoy longer and better deals from Black Friday 2019.


Are you more into fashion? Travel? Cosmetics? High Tech? Shoes? Accessories ? Whatever your category, you will surely find your happiness here. Why ? Because is not holding back its efforts to offer you all the best Black Friday deals in all areas. Black Friday Smartphones, Black Friday Toys, Black Friday high tech … this is where you’ll find the best deals in Switzerland!

Would you like to treat yourself to a new Full HD TV or this marvel of technology – the 4K? Need or want to change your smartphone for the latest iPhone? Tempted by this magnificent dress already spotted at Manor in the last few weeks but until now out of your budget? Mark the day for Black Friday Switzerland on, this is where you will find the best Black Friday 2019 deals.

  • The High Tech deals will know your socks off – seriously!
  • The fashion deals will remake your wardrobe. Remember to sort through it before.
  • The perfume deals will really bewitch you however no need to mix these scents.
  • The sports deals are going to make you love sport … -and we agree this is not an easy task.

Oh and we forgot, if a discovery stay in one of the European capitals or further away, tempts you, remember that also offers you the best travel deals.








If you had to choose the top 3 events of the year, there would be your birthday, the Paléo Festival and Black Friday!
A shopping event not to be missed, Black Friday Switzerland is now an integral part of smart bargain hunting, whether it be fashion, beauty, high tech, travel, or household appliances …
This year, it takes place on Friday, November 29, 2019.You too can be there to get discounts which will amaze you. If you need help to prepare for Black Friday Switzerland, we are here to help you. Are you ready?


What? You don’t know Black Friday? Where have you been in recent years? Born on the other side of the Atlantic, Black Friday is held on the fourth Friday of November, the day following Thanksgiving. This is a day dedicated to shopping with absolutely dizzying discounts. Why “Black Friday”? This term refers to the time when the stores got their bank records out of the red and into the black. The other anecdote could be related to the influx of people in the shops during this day of promotions.

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The pretty Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, the Place du Bourg-de-Four, the oldest square in Geneva, the Rue de Bourg in Lausanne or the Via Nassa in Lugano, this historic street known for its innumerable shops … You’ll have understood, all Switzerland is in tune for Black Friday! A real shopping institution in Switzerland, Black Friday is the event not to be missed whether you are addicted to shopping or not because the great deals are really crazy! And good news: wherever you are in Switzerland, comes with you so that you can enjoy the best deals in all cities across the country.


Black Friday Zurich

Who does not dream of shopping in Zurich? Its old town and its small shops are more than charming. The Bahnhofstrasse, you know, the most expensive street of Monopoly (in the Swiss version) with all its luxury shops? The Storchengasse with all its shops and big retail chains. Not to mention the Schipfe district, one of the oldest in the city, home to several artisan boutiques. No doubt, Black Friday Zurich will make you dream!

Black Friday Zurich

Black Friday Bern

Trendy clothing stores and accessories, fashionable big names or smaller independent boutiques, but also a shopping center at the Bern railway station … there is no shortage of shopping addresses in the Swiss capital. Don’t forget its six kilometers of arcades under which there are multiple stores. Might as well say that Black Friday Bern will make many very happy because the good deals are legion there.

Black Friday Bern

Black Friday Lausanne

Le Flon, Place Saint-François or La Palud, Lausanne teems with hotspots where shopping is good, and above all, very good bargains for Black Friday Lausanne. You will certainly enjoy strolling through the alleyways of the Olympic City while taking advantage of the discounts displayed by all brands, whether large or small, for modest or larger budgets.  

Black Friday Lausanne

Black Friday Geneva

Carouge, Cornavin, rue de Rive … Geneva is a gold mine for shopaholics, so imagine paradise at Black Friday! Major retailers as well as small businesses are on the warpath to offer you specials and discounts that you won’t believe. We hope for your sake that you have a strong stomach because this shopping day could get you really addicted! Let us agree: Black Friday Geneva is a godsend for finding incredible deals.

Black Friday Geneva

Black Friday Basel

The watchmaking capital of the world has a great number of trendy shops in many areas. Impossible not to fullfill the least of your desires, especially with Black Friday which is already announced as an event not to be missed!

Black Friday Basel


What is Black Friday?

You probably know it, but Black Friday comes straight from the United States. A shopping event that gradually gained momentum within our Swiss borders. Today, this day of shopping devoted to discounts and promotions has become an unmissable event for all bargain hunters. Crazy discounts on fashion, beauty, high-tech without forgetting appliances or decor and furnishings. In short, everything we could need. If you also participated in the 2018 edition, you know it as well as us!

Who invented Black Friday?

no one person invented Black Friday. This day of crazy promotions was introduced in the 1960s after Thanksgiving in the United States to drive trade and kick off Christmas shopping. Merchants then began to offer absolutely exceptional discounts on a day causing the craze we know today. Then, little by little, Black Friday crossed the oceans to settle in China and Europe.

Why “Black” Friday ?

An explanation: instead of writing their accounts in red ink because of losses, traders, by getting rid of their stocks, could use black ink.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

If “Friday” is quite understandable, The addition of black can be surprising. There are several explanations on this subject. The first would be related to the color of merchant account books. In deficit, and therefore written in red in their books, the story goes that the accounts became positive during Black Friday so, writing them in black. Hence the Black Friday. The other hypothesis is that monster traffic caused by the Thanksgiving weekend. In front of this compact crowd, police and taxi drivers would have renamed Friday and Saturday Thanksgiving Black Friday and Black Saturday.

What is “schwarzen Freitag”?

This is simply the French translation of Black Friday. “Vendredi Noir” is the other name given to this day of crazy promotions and discounts that is Black Friday.

What is Black Week?

Black Week or Cyber Week is Black Friday Week. Because, if Black Friday lasts only one day and takes place after Thanksgiving, many shops and boutiques spread this shopping event over several days. For example, during the previous edition of Black Friday Switzerland, deals were already active on the Monday of the week of Black Friday. We also remember that Manor had also extended their Black Friday over 3 days. Black Week is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a wide range of discount offers!

What is Cyber Monday?

The insiders know it without a doubt but a little reminder jab: Cyber Monday 2019 is another day devoted to crazy promotions. And if you missed Black Friday, Cyber Mondaycan be used as “catch-up” since it is scheduled on the Monday following Black Friday. Its particularity? Cyber Monday, as its name may indicate, concerns mainly online shops. So you have the discounts and latest promotions post Black Friday online!

When does Cyber Monday 2019 take place?

Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday following Black Friday. Not to miss this other shopping event with great deals and discounts, make a note of the next editions today: