What is the date of Black Friday 2022 in Switzerland?

The good thing about this shopping event is that, every year, it's very easy to know the date. Indeed, since its origins, Black Friday always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the 4th Friday of November. So this year, the date of Black Friday 2022 is set for Friday, November 25th.

Remember this date well because it will be the day of the most beautiful discount of the year in Switzerland.


How long does Black Friday last?

"The winner takes it all" as a famous Swedish band would say.

In fact, originally, Black Friday lasted only one day, on Friday. Then came Cyber Monday, the Monday after, which allowed merchants to offer a whole weekend of good deals. But very quickly the competition between merchants made that the first one who takes the floor attracts the most attention from consumers. That's why, for a few years now, we've seen Black Friday promotions start at the beginning of the week, which has become the Black Week.

And as everyone tries to speak first, year after year, we see merchants taking the floor earlier. In 2021, some merchants released their Black Friday promos as early as November 19, 1 week before. All this without counting Singles Day, the Asian counterpart of Black Friday, which takes place on November 11th. In the end, like Media Markt, it is no longer a day of promotions but a whole month, which has become Black November.


What are the Black Friday promotions and discounts in Switzerland?

During Black Friday, you can find everything. But don't think there is only fake promotions. There are real deals that are really worth it during Black Friday. In the last edition, we saw discounts of up to 70% on internet and mobile subscriptions, up to 30% on TV equipment, high tech and consumer electronics and up to 30% on fashion, beauty and cosmetics.

The secret to avoid being taken advantage of is to prepare your purchases well, do some scouting and set a budget so as not to give in to compulsive buying.


Which brands are participating in Black Friday?

Virtually all brands and retailers participate in Black Friday. In 2021, we saw more than 500 shops offering Black Friday Deals on the e-commerce site or in store. Media Markt of course, but not only, Digitec Galaxus, melectronics or Interdiscount for electronics, World of Games for gaming, la Redoute, Ochsner Shoes or Manor for fashion. On the services and subscriptions side, we find the cell phone operators with yallo, Salt, Upc or Sunrise. Nettoshop regularly offers discounts on Electrolux, Bosch or Koenig. To feel good, we'll check out the promotions at Club Med or Boas Swiss hotels without forgetting cosmetics with Clarins, Estée Lauder, l'Occitane, Mac or Bobbi Brown. But that's without forgetting the biggest brands like Apple, Samsung, Dell, Hp, Odlo, Nike, Adidas... Finally, the list is far too long, to make it simple, go to the shop page, you will certainly find your favorite brands.


What are the products on sale during Black Friday?

The list is way too long to list everything here, but to give you a taste you'll know that even if Apple rarely makes promotions on its devices, you will still find discounted iPhones during Black Friday 2022 in Switzerland. Indeed, many products are concerned by the Black Friday promotions in Switzerland. From Dyson vacuum cleaners to Jura or Nespresso coffee machines, from ski vacations to fashion and shoes without forgetting bikes and electric scooters, you will surely find the product you are looking for at a reduced price during Black Friday 2022 in Switzerland.


Everything you need to know about Black Friday
Black friday Schweiz ursprung

For those of you who have been living in the jungle or in hibernation and are not yet familiar with Black Friday, here are a few things you should know about the shopping event of the year in Switzerland.


Black Friday comes straight from the United States where, in the 1960s, retailers wanted to boost the period after Thanksgiving by offering incredible discounts.


Why Black Friday ?

So Friday is for Friday, you will have understood, but then why Black? Well, because businesses write the deficit in red in their books and on Black Friday, the accounts that become positive are written in black ink.


What are the product categories of Black Friday?

Over time, High-tech (audio, video, info...) has become the star category of the event. Indeed, it is in this universe that we will find the craziest discounts. But, since time, many other product categories are concerned by the Black Friday promotions. Thus, fashion, home and decoration, sports, tourism and travel, cosmetics and even animals, each year have seen new categories join the shopping event.

The other events of November

Along with Black Friday, November is THE shopping month in Switzerland. It all starts with Singles' Day 2022, the Asian brother of Black Friday, which takes place every year on November 11th. Then comes the Black Week which starts on the Monday just before Black Friday and the month ends on the Monday after Black Friday, with Cyber Monday and promotions mainly online. You will have understood that November is the ideal time to renew your mobile phone, your 4K TV.

Now you know how to take advantage of the best promotions during the Black Friday 2022 in Switzerland. And not to miss anything, you can also subscribe to our email alerts, we will send you the offers as soon as they are published, so see you from Monday, November 21 for the beginning of the Black Week 2022