Black Friday 2020, Go !

Black Friday 2020 in Switzerland, rendez-vous on Friday 27th November 2020 to discover the shopping event of the year, the Black Friday edition 2020! Be ready!


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When is Black Friday 2020?

Christmas shopping for less! But don’t miss Single’s Day on November 11th and Cyber Monday, on November 30th… The Black Friday 2020 in Switzerland will happen this year on Friday 27 November 2020. Mark this date in your diary with the red marker!

Black Friday 2020, the shopping rendez vous for bargain hunters

Black Friday has gradually settled in our country to become the big shopping event that we know today. During a whole day, a multitude of products from all categories are offered at incredible prices thanks to unmistakable discounts and reductions.

You can find fashion, beauty, high-tech, but also household appliances as well as decoration, food products, pet products and furnishings.

Anyway, everything you might need for Christmas shopping. Previous editions of Black Friday Switzerland have been a huge success, both in terms of the participation of retailers and consumers. All the signs point to another successful Black Friday 2020!

Our dates for the Black Friday

For this 2020 edition, Black Friday is set for November 27th. And not to miss the next editions of Black Friday Switzerland, we also give you their dates:

Black Friday 2021

Friday november 26th 2021

Black Friday 2022

Friday november 25th 2022

Black Friday 2023

Friday november 24th 2023

What time does Black Friday 2020 start?

For some online retailers, Black Friday starts at midnight on the previous Thursday night. As far as shops are concerned, they start their Black Friday as soon as they open their doors, around 8 and 10 am, depending on their habits. This is obviously the question that all bargain hunters ask themselves.

And rightly so, because like us, you obviously want to have a front-row seat so you can make your choice and take advantage of the immensity of the Black Friday offer.

But let’s be honest: if you look at the 2019 edition of Black Friday, this shopping celebration starts much earlier.

Indeed, some stores start their sales the week of Black Friday. It is not uncommon to see huge Black Friday promotions starting the Monday before Black Friday.

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During the previous edition, while some brands were generous in revealing their offers as early as midnight on Thursday evening, others hit hard.

If you were at the party, you certainly didn’t miss out on the incredible promotions and discounts from some of the brands that started the Monday before Black Friday Switzerland.

A totally crazy Black Week that had seduced the big fans of bargains.

Amazon had started early, while STEG and Media-Markt started on Monday 25th November in 2019, the beginning of Black Week. Thanks to Manor, many brands such as Apple, Dyson and Samsung were now accessible at unbeatable prices.

How long does Black Friday 2020 last?

Like Cyber Monday and Single’s Day, Black Friday is a one-day event! That’s why it’s a shopping event that’s not to be missed. In some online shops, Black Friday discounts and promotions are announced as early as midnight. In others, you’ll have to wait until the shops are open. And as you can imagine, many brands and shops offer amazing discounts of up to 80% on a unique shopping day made up of crazy promotions.

What will be the 2020 Black Friday?

If you participated in the last editions of Black Friday, you surely remember (with nostalgia) what it meant in terms of bargains. Great offers could be seen in several shops all over Switzerland. And you should know that for the 2020 edition, we are planning another year of good deals. Good deals for men, women and children of course!

We predict that Black Friday will be even crazier for the whole decade 2020 by the way! With new shops opening up in Switzerland every year, we can only expect a greater number of participants, both consumers and merchants!

And of course, as e-commerce develops, we can only imagine more participants also on the e-commerce side!

Black Friday a worldwide event

France, Portugal, Peru, Argentina, Morocco, Japan, South Africa, Canada, USA and many other countries are participating in the world event! Don’t hesitate to take a look at the showcases if you are on the other side of the globe.

What is Black Friday ?

You probably know this, but Black Friday comes to us straight from the States. A shopping event that has gradually grown within our Swiss borders. Today, this shopping day devoted to discounts and promotions has become an unmissable event for all bargain hunters. In short, everything you could possibly need. If you too have taken part in the 2019 edition, you know it as well as we do!

Where does Black Friday come from?

Many things of our time, we will answer you the USA! In the 1960s, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, in order to revive commerce and kick-start Christmas shopping, merchants began offering absolutely exceptional discounts on an entire day, causing the craze that we know today. Then Black Friday was exported across the Atlantic to China and Europe.

Black Friday doorbusters
Black Friday doorbusters in USA

Why such a name?

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday? If “Friday” makes sense in the name, one might wonder about the adjective “Black”. There are several explanations for this. The first would be related to the colour of the traders’ books. In deficit, the figures are written in red in their books, but it is said that the accounts passed in positive at the time of the Black Friday in thus, the writings in black. Hence Black Friday. The other hypothesis is the monster traffic jams caused by the Thanksgiving weekend. In front of this compact crowd, police officers and taxi drivers would have renamed the Friday and Saturday of Thanskgiving Black Friday and Black Saturday.

As a reminder, we remind you which shops have participated in Black Friday in previous editions, and we hope that some of them will continue to offer great deals at this year’s exclusive Black Friday event. So be ready!